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the delivery of a fetus by surgical incision through the abdominal wall and uterus (from the belief that Julius Caesar was born that way)

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Caesarean Section rates in public and private facilities are also being monitored through HMIS, which captures caesarean sections occurring at both public and private institutions.
Women with placenta previa have high chances of MAP, if placenta is anterior and they have previous caesarean section.
5] Inclusion criteria for near-miss morbidity resulting from BDACS are any woman with a gestational age [greater than or equal to] 24 weeks or who delivered a neonate [greater than or equal to] 500 g, undergoing a caesarean section with a combined intraoperative and postoperative blood loss of [greater than or equal to] 1 000 mL, and at least one of the following: blood transfusion [greater than or equal to] 3 U intraoperatively and/or after completion of the caesarean section; emergency hysterectomy; repeat laparotomy; transfer to a higher level of care; non-anaesthetic postoperative ventilation; use of inotropic drugs; acute dialysis; cardiopulmonary resuscitation; and admission to an ICU as a result of excessive haemorrhage.
Outcome after a high number (4-10) of repeated caesarean sections.
There are many risks involved in caesarean section like postpartum haemorrhage and sepsis.
1%) were delivered with emergency caesarean section whereas 31(15.
OLDER mothers are helping fuel a rise in Caesarean sections, which are now at an all-time high, figures suggest.
In this study 200 pregnant woman who underwent caesarean section (elective and emergency) with regional anesthesia were randomly allocated in two groups, Group A (Delayed oral feeding) and Group B (Early oral feeding).
New studies reveal that when caesarean section rates rise towards 10% across a population, the number of maternal and newborn deaths decreases.
At population level, caesarean section rates higher than 10% are not associated with reductions in maternal and newborn mortality rates.
Although it can save lives, caesarean section is often perfomed without medical need, putting women and their babies at risk of short term and long term health problems".
WHO said in a statement that although caesarean section can save lives, it is often performed without medical need, putting women and their babies at-risk of short-and long-term health problems.
Background: There is widespread concern about increasing proportion of births by caesarean section.
It comprised review of clinical records of all patients who underwent caesarean section during the period.
BABIES born through Caesarean section are more likely to develop autism, a new study claims.