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the cavity in which the large intestine begins and into which the ileum opens

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For this reason the use of in vitro gas production techniques could allow the adequate characterization of feed fermentation in the caecum of post-gastric fermenters such as rabbits (LAVRENCIC, 2007).
Long segment diffuse wall thickening involving the terminal ileum, ileocaecal junction, caecum and part of the ascending colon
There were no differences in pH values of the digesta in jejunum, ileum and caecum on d 14 and in the duodenum, jejunum, ileum and caecum on d 42 among dietary treatments (Table 7).
In the present case small and large intestines along with caecum were the hernial contents and were not covered by peritoneum.
sup][12] In our case, the appendix was congested and inflamed with an adhesive caecum inside the sac, but no abscess was observed.
With prolongation of duration of symptoms, in some patients appendicular lump developed which is an inflammatory mass composed of inflamed appendix, caecum, omentum, terminal ileum and mesoappendix at times sigmoid, right tubes and overies in females.
Classically, infiltration of the ileo-caecal valve has varying degrees of extension into the ileum and caecum.
Terminal ileum, caecum and a small portion of ascending colon was removed and end to end ileocolic anastomosis was performed.
The vermiform appendix is a narrow blind tube or an appendage arising from the posteromedial wall of caecum.
Only 10% of bile acids escape reabsorption and studies have shown that the bile acid concentration in the caecum is below the micellisation concentration.
Caecum content from 2 birds were pooled (6 replicate/diet).
Affected teeth show a deep infolding of enamel and dentine starting from the foramen caecum or even the tip of the cusps and which may extend deep into the root.
The colon, caecum and the ileal segments were separated out for further processing.