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the cavity in which the large intestine begins and into which the ileum opens

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The appendix first appears at the 8th week of gestation as a downward out-pouching of the caecum and gradually rotates to a more postero-medial location as the gut rotates and the caecum becomes fixed in the right lower quadrant.
The caecum is a paired pocket-like protrusion attached to the chicken's small intestine.
We observed that feed supplemented with MOS didn't influence the relative weights of caecum, small intestine (both filled and empty) heart and gizzard, while relative weight of liver was significantly higher in MOS-supplemented group D in comparison with control group.
However, there was a tendency for the wet and dry digesta load in the small intestines and caecum to be higher in IRQ than PRQ in sheep, which is contrary to the order: IRQ< PRQ<SIRQ observed in goats.
Localisation Type Caecum and Sigmoid colon Descending ascending colon and colon transversum Adenocarcinoma 25 (13/11/1) 25 (12/13/-) 16 (11/5/-) Adenoma 6 (1/5/-) 1 (-/1/-) 1 (-/1/-) GIST -- -- -- Other -- -- -- Total number 31 (14/16/1) 26 (12/14/-) 17 (11/6/-) of patients Type Rectum Gaster Intestine Adenocarcinoma 10 (8/2/-) 3 (-/1/2) -- Adenoma -- -- -- GIST -- 3 (-/2/1) 1 (1/0/-) Other -- 1 (-/-/1) 4 (2/2/-) Total number 10 (8/2/-) 7(-/3/4) 5 (3/2/-) of patients Type Total Adenocarcinoma 79 (44/32/3) Adenoma 8 (1/7/-) GIST 4 (1/2/1) Other 5 (2/2/1) Total number 96 (48/43/5) of patients Table 2: T stage distribution of malignant tumours for patients involved in the study.
There was gangrenous changes of the caecum and right colon with its anterior wall showing multiple ischemic areas and necrosis; some of them are perforated with gross picture of ischemic changes, others thinned out and were about to perforate in subhepatic area; right hemicolectomy and iliostomy were performed till the area of normal color of the colon was reached (see Figures 1(c) and 1(d)).
Li and Chang [9] reported a case, in which a 41-year-old patient developed recurrence of ESS in the caecum, 11 years after surgical treatment.
Moreover, dietary nitrate significantly reduced caecum concentrations of the short-chain fatty acids, butyrate, and propionate, regardless of whether the mice were consuming a normal chow or high-fat diet.
Under aseptic conditions, a 3 cm midline abdominal incision was performed to expose the caecum, with adjoining intestine.
However, relative weights of heart, gizzard, spleen, small intestine and caecum, and relative lengths of small intestine and caecum were remained unchanged among all the experimental groups (Table 5).
A gangrenous perforated duplication cyst of the caecum with faecal peritonitis was found during an exploratory laparotomy.
But if the child has Gohary's disease (medically described as faecal impaction of the terminal portion of the ileum and caecum), a wrongful diagnosis means that the child will unnecessarily be subjected to an X-ray procedure when a lubricant laxative itself can be effective," he said.
Appendix could not be visualized, but intraperitoneal fat planes around caecum showed increased echogenicity which suggested an inflammatory process.
They were recovered from the intestine, stomach and the pyloric caecum were washed in 0.9% physiological saline, fixed in hot70% ethanol, clarified in phenol and examined using a Zeiss Axioscope 2 microscope equipped with a camera lucida.