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of or like a cecum


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Other ultrasonically detectable alternative conditions are caecal and sigmoid diverticulitis, cholecystitis, perforated peptic ulcer, Crohn's disease, urological conditions, small bowel obstruction and caecal carcinoma.
Post-mortem examination of carcasses revealed caeca were enlarged and distended and ballooning up of caecal pouches with hemorrhagic contents, reddish brown ceacal cores.
Spontaneous, isolated caecal necrosis: Report of a case, review of the literature, and updated classification.
For sampling, the tissues of the brain, trachea, lung, caecal tonsil, liver, kidney, spleen, heart, proventriculus, intestine, and thymus were fixed in 10% buffered formalin.
The exact pathophysiology of the disease is still unclear but it was hypothesized that either the increase in the sympathetic tone or the decrease in the sacral parasympathetic innervations to the colon results in decreased colon motility with subsequent proximal colon dilation which will eventually increase the intraluminal pressure in the proximal colon and cecum, obstructing the caecal capillary circulation and causing subsequent ischemia, gangrene, and perforation [2, 8, 10].
Gallinarum is mostly recovered from liver, spleen and reproductive tract and occasionally in the caecal tonsils.
The in vitro gas production technique has been used to evaluate the nutritive value of feed in caecal fermenters; it also provides information about kinetics and fermentation characteristics of feedstuff and diets, and is a useful indicator of caecal microbial activity (STANCO et al., 2003).
Outline of underlying diagnoses necessitating multiple repeat laparotomy Underlying Diagnosis Incidence General Surgery (n = 43) Appendicitis 10 (23%) Malignancies 6 (14%) Peptic Ulcer Disease 4 (9%) Herniae 4 (9%) Adhesive Bowel Obstruction 4 (9%) Intestinal infections (tuberculosis, 3 (7%) amoebiasis, mucormycosis) Diverticular Disease 1 (2%) Caecal volvulus 1 (2%) Intussusception 1 (2%) Gallbladder empyema 1 (2%) Definitive diagnosis never established 4 (9%) Other 4 (9%) Trauma (n = 29) Gunshot Abdomen 10 (34%) Stab Abdomen 10 (34%) Blunt Abdominal Trauma 9 (31%) Table 2.
The samples collected from the dead birds included tracheal swabs, cloacal swabs, caecal tonsils, spleen, brain, proventriculus and Payer's patches.
The intraoperative finding was that of a perforated caecal tumour.
Intraoperative findings revealed a large, polypoid caecal tumour with a 2 cm defect and contained abscess posteriorly extending into the lateral abdominal wall, close to the iliac crest.
There could be aortic valve disease associated with bleeding from caecal A-V malformations.