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of or like a cecum


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Key quality colonoscopy indicators used were Adenoma Detection Rate, Mean number of adenomas per procedure and Caecal intubation time with a total number of procedures performed was 399.
difficile toxins were detected in the caecal content supernatant by latex agglutination assay as described earlier10 using antisera for toxins A and B (kindly gifted by Dr M.
From each animal, 10-20-g portions were collected for separate culture from the ileum, ileal (caudal jejunal) lymph node, caecal lymph node, and from a pool of caecum and proximal colon.
The effect of immunity on the early events in the life-cycle of Eimeria tenella in the caecal mucosa of the chicken.
The key rule I've always followed is to make sure you worm your hens regularly, as Heterakis gallinae (the caecal roundworm ) is the little varmint which is to blame for the problem.
A caecal temperature differential reaching 10[degrees]C has also been observed in a 103-cm SBT after being fed in cage experiments (Gunn et al.
The Effect of Hibernation on the Caecal Flora of the Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel (Citellus tridecemlineatus).
Influence of wheat breads containing guar flour supplements of high and low molecular weights on viscosity of jejunal digesta in the pig; Effects of two incorporation rates of guar gum on digestibility, plasma insulin and metabolites in resting dogs; Effects of dietary fibre on mineral balances in humans; Enhancement of colonic crypt proliferation in man by short-chain fatty acids; Estimation of the digestibilities of NSP for wholemeal bread and haricot beans fed in mixed diets; The effect of isolated complex carbohydrates on caecal and faecal short-chain fatty acids and stool output in rats; Do oats lower blood cholesterol?
1 Evaluation of the Local Tissue Effects and Tissue Attachment Minimization in a Rat Caecal Adhesion Model.
The large intestine has an active microbial population that can effectively degrade fibre, and it was reported that delignified postruminal digesta was hydrolysed by caecal microflora (Bailey and Macrae, 1970).
Repeat abdominal radiograph showed a large bowel obstruction with caecal dilatation up to 13 cm (Figures 1 and 2).
Acute appendicitis associated with caecal volvulus.
The Simulated Gastric Fluid (SGF) was employed as dissolution medium for 2 hours later replaced with Simulated Small Intestinal Fluid (SSIF) and Simulated Caecal Fluid (SCF) for 3 hours and rest of study i.