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the condition of being senile

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Such rules fall into caducity and inefficiency if the terms of the "contract" are broken through unilateral extension, either by the host (state, leader, master of the house, owner, "head" of the family) or the stranger (immigrant, exiled, nomad, belonging to a minority).
Meanwhile, red the veins and rims of his eyes, he would keep the flat tidy, the mantelpiece loyal, despite the ineluctable caducity of existence.
God and the Caducity of Being: Jean-Luc Marion and Edith Stein on Thinking God" [en linea], [PI]AI[DELTA]EIA, Filosofia de la Religion, The Paideia Project On-Line, disponible en: <http://www.
Expiation, unfashionable things, passing things, caducity.
He pledges to find a solution to the physical-metaphysical predicament of the human by "curing" bodily caducity once for all and thus solving the problems it causes.
Originality defines a style and adds value to a piece of art, even though the concepts of caducity and avant-garde change continuously.
The court concluded that based on Colombian law, once the declaration of caducity became final and executable, despite the fact the formal appeal was pending, the Colombian government had an enforceable judgment that was subject to execution.
Yet, although Serrao shares Di Giacomo's belief in the sad caducity of existence, he is nonetheless a world away from the sublime musicality of the "ariette.