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pigment of cadmium sulfide and barium sulfate varying in hue from lemon yellow to orange

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The cadmium yellow (cadmium sulphide, CdS) used by Van Gogh was a relatively new pigment, of which it has recently been discovered that in unvarnished paintings, it oxidizes with air (to cadmium sulphate; CdSO4) making the pigments lose color and luminosity.
The cadmium yellow used by Van Gogh was a relatively new pigment, of which it has recently been discovered that in unvarnished paintings, it oxidizes with air making the pigments lose colour and luminosity.
"Combined use of synchrotron radiation-based [micro]-XRF, [micro]-XRD, [micro]-XANES and [micro]-FTIR reveals an alternative degradation pathway of the pigment cadmium yellow (CdS) in a painting by Van Gogh." Analytical Chemistry published online 30 August 2012.
Contents include five Aquarelle pencils (dark cadmium yellow, cobalt green, cobalt blue, middle purple pink, light cadmium red), paintbrush, Pitt artist brush pen (black), four canvas boards with preprinted designs (3"x 3"), four foam mounting boards, self-adhesive tape squares, and hanging tabs.
The clients with whom she works tend to share certain preferences: for the eclectic in fine antiques, for lots of light, for sumptuous fabrics, and for a certain shade of cadmium yellow.
Apparel designers' most popular Pantone colors in their New York spring collections embody all the basic hues, with variations: leaf green, cadmium yellow, vista blue, peachskin and cayenne.The designers explain: Green evokes spring and environmentalism; yellow is a balm for "designers who've overdosed on acid orange"; blue implies longevity.
Each of your supermarkets, by contrast, can fill the entire department with a mass of sunflowers in chocolate and cadmium yellow this fall, or with burgundy dahlias surrounded by eggplants and Bing cherries.
Influenced by the Fauves and Munich's Expressionist avant-garde, Jawlensky used a bold, vigorous palette:" ...a great deal of red, blue, orange cadmium yellow and chromium-oxide green.
Inorganic pigments include ultramarine blue, violet and pink, titanium dioxide manganese violet, synthetic iron oxide red, black and yellow, chromium oxide green, and cadmium yellow, orange, red and maroon.
* Artists' oil pigments, one (37-ml.) tube each of dioxazine purple, cadmium red deep, cadmium yellow medium, cadmium orange, ivory black, turquoise, and titanium white
Cadmium yellow (on the fire exits and on a bridge in the entrance hall) provides the only jolting shock of colour.
Full colors pair, such as cadmium red medium, cadmium orange medium, and cadmium yellow medium.