cadmium sulfide

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a yellow sulfide used chiefly as a pigment

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According to the literature, the cadmium sulfide possesses a space group [P6.sub.3]mc([C.sup.4.sub.6v]) with four atoms per unit cell.
Jeong, "Facile covalent immobilization of cadmium sulfide quantum dots on graphene oxide nanosheets: preparation, characterization, and optical properties," Nanotechnology, vol.
In this research, the doping of cadmium sulfide with zinc increases blue light sorption window by cadmium sulfide nanostructures.
Further, the incorporation of Cadmium sulfide, CdS particles into this copolymer is also not reported in literature.
coli, when incubated with cadmium chloride (1 mM) and sodium sulfide (1mM), showed the capacity to synthesize intracellular semiconductor cadmium sulfide (CdS) nanocrystals [30].
Zhang and his research team took a novel approach to stem the loss of light energy by pairing a cadmium sulfide nanowire - 1,000 times thinner than a human hair - with a silver surface separated by an insulating gap of only 5 nanometers, the size of a single protein molecule.
The practical significance of this technique would be much greater if a bacterial species were identified that could produce nanotubes of cadmium sulfide or other superior semiconductor materials, he added.
The practical significance of this nanotube-construction technique would be much greater if research led to a bacteria species that could produce nanotubes of cadmium sulfide or other superior semiconductor materials, added Myung.
Complex heterostructures are fabricated in cadmium sulfide (CdS) nanorods by controlling the use of silver cations (Ag+).
The actual solid suspension crystal that produces the colour is a mixture of cadmium sulfide (CdS) and cadmium selenate (CdSe), known as cadmium sulfoselenate (CdS/CdSe).
This can be topped with cadmium sulfide, zinc oxide and indium tin oxide to enhance performance.
In an uncompressed sensor, electrons responding to the voltage would tend to flow between layers of gold nanocrystals and layers of cadmium sulfide nanocrystals, but sheets of insulating polymers bar the way.
It's a natural element in the earth's crust, and it's usually found as a mineral combined with other elements such as oxygen (cadmium oxide), chlorine (cadmium chloride), or sulfur (cadmium sulfate, cadmium sulfide).
The resulting hydrogen sulfide was absorbed in a buffered cadmium acetate solution and the cadmium sulfide that was formed was determined iodometrically.