cadmium orange

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orange-hued cadmium yellow pigment

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050520, 2005, features an expanse of cadmium orange. From the ominously subdued tonal ranges of black, charcoal gray, and beige he used up to the '90s, the artist has taken a great leap into a Klein-esque intensity of chroma, as if to make up for more than forty years of abstinence.
For the peaches - cadmium orange and pale olive, on a background of 400ml white vinyl matt emulsion mixed with 100ml cobalt blue artists' acrylic colour.
* Artists' oil pigments, one (37-ml.) tube each of dioxazine purple, cadmium red deep, cadmium yellow medium, cadmium orange, ivory black, turquoise, and titanium white
Full colors pair, such as cadmium red medium, cadmium orange medium, and cadmium yellow medium.