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a soft bluish-white ductile malleable toxic bivalent metallic element

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The Star has established that there is grumbling in the sector amid claims that Henry Ogola, who chaired the technical committee which recommended the lowering of the cadmium levels, is a local agent of a firm which is the only one that meets the requirement.
Common sources of cadmium are cigarettes and marijuana, refined foods (white flour, white sugar, etc.), tap water, some cold drinks, margarine, canned fruits and beverages, petrochemical pollution, nickel cadmium batteries, and fish and shellfish.
In 2016, EcoWaste Coalition asked the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to speed up the approval of a strong Chemical Control Order for cadmium and cadmium compounds.
Cadmium, according to the WHO, exerts toxic effects on the renal, skeletal and respiratory systems, and is classified as a human carcinogen.
"Cadmium and lead, which can accumulate in the body and damage human health, should not be present in our consumer products, especially for items that are supposed to enhance good health and better life," Dizon said.
In these females, the primary source of cadmium exposure was through their diet, because those residential areas of Japan were significantly polluted with cadmium12.
Cadmium potentially can cause serious environmental hazards including embryotoxicity, carcinogenicity and teratogenicity in developing embryos, which may lead to the serious abnormalities such as reduction in body weight, micromelia, micropthelmia and hemorrhages (Gilani and Alibhai, 1990).
Local cacao farmers should take advantage of the low cadmium level of their cacao beans, the PTIC in Geneva said, as Swiss chocolatiers look for new sources of the produce to protect their international reputation for high-quality chocolate.
However, Scott Peterson, Training manager at SIFCO ASC, is already heavily involved in bringing a cadmium alternative to the OEM and MRO markets.
Abstract: The study was carried out on the effects of cadmium (Cd) on liver, gizzard and kidney of Larus argentatus.
Complete modeling of cadmium removal on Thar coal which is lignite in its nature has been carried out.
Cadmium oxide thin films have various applications in different industries such as solar cells, flat LEDs, gas sensors, transparent electrodes, optical transistors and OLEDs.