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Synonyms for cadge

Synonyms for cadge

to ask or ask for as charity

Synonyms for cadge

ask for and get free

obtain or seek to obtain by cadging or wheedling

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Like Republicans generally, the mayor eagerly cadges government dollars for galleries patronized by the upscalers who sip a lot of election-year coffee.
Nevertheless, to drown his jealous sorrows, Horty takes up semipermanent residence at the local pub, where he regales his comrades (and cadges drinks) with outlandishly embellished recollections of his passionate night with the Titanic maid.
Now he's done his re-takes but hasn't found more work so he cadges handouts from me or his dad.
The Lock, Stock scene cadges a lift to Liverpool with Sampson's new novel about three Scousers on the rob.