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  • verb

Synonyms for cadge

Synonyms for cadge

to ask or ask for as charity

Synonyms for cadge

ask for and get free

obtain or seek to obtain by cadging or wheedling

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In The Eunuch Terence sketches the art of the cadger, who has to be adaptable for his very survival Gradually the term parasite' underwent a pejoration; the scrounger got a worse and worse press.
Last month, 13-year-old Michael Easton, from Polmont, was found dead near the Cadgers Brae interchange.
Thinking about buying prezzies doesn't begin until I've done the London gig, the annual reunion with the cluster of cadgers, shirkers, dawdlers and malingerers that constitutes my old circle of acquaintances from the halcyon days of full heads of hair, competent memories and disposable income.
These were meeting places for writers, actors, translators, transient foreigners, Communists, petty criminals, debt-dodgers, folk-singers, poets, cadgers, cricketing enthusiasts and racing tipsters.
FREDDIE TYLICKI makes his long-awaited return from injury when he partners Cadgers Brig for trainer Richard Fahey in the 1m maiden at Southwell today, writes Richard Birch.
The students, from Kirkley Hall, Ponteland, unwittingly killed the fish when they washed down a muck spreader and polluted water got into Cadgers Burn.
Ogilvie Homes have opened up two houses at their Cadgers Brae development in Plean and their Carden Grove site in Cardenden.
It's coming out of our pockets and into the mouths of cadgers.