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Synonyms for cadger

one who begs habitually or for a living

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Synonyms for cadger

someone who mooches or cadges (tries to get something free)

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A very interesting section of the book tackles fantastic literature (Conan Doyle, Hoffmann, Nodier, Maupassant), and its train of vampires, succubi, and doubles These are mainly internal parasites, sustaining themselves on the body or soul of the generally helpless hosts Another fruitful area treated is science fiction, especially the Alien series of films: the organism that explodes out of the belly and then feeds off other humans' DNA Of course, certain social cadgers, pique-assiettes like Balzac's Cousin Pons, are harmless, and seek only nourishment An anorexic parasite is inconceivable How to get rid of these uninvited or invited guests (like the encumbering corpse in Ionesco's Amedee)?
A letter written on February 16th, 1953, to the ailing Welsh poet, Idris Davies, who in fact died later that year, offering what small mead of help he could, draws back the veil upon an aspect of the Cymric cadger hitherto well hidden.
But resident Judith Cole told the hearing: "The Cadger Bank site was deemed unsuitable back in 1988.
Vale's Graeme Cadger was sent off but they finished well and Terry Kidd scored in 74 minutes.
"We all know that Dylan behaved appallingly and was a world-class cadger but the usual argument is that he was a loveable genius.
"I have a good relationship with, not only manager Paul Lawson and his assistant Russell Anderson at Formartine, but also with chairman Atholl Cadger and his vicechairman, Sandy Sinclair, and of course my teammates as well, and in the end that was one of the main factors in my decision to stay, even though the geography from my home and work in Inverness, to Pitmedden, is far from ideal, but you've just got to get on with it.
Elaine Cadger, Motherwell A It was called Nicholson's Cafe at 6a Nicholson Street, Edinburgh.
GRAHAM CADGER hit a late winner as Culter moved a step closer to facing the big boys.
Margaret Cadger, Eleanor Martin and Jacqui Badenoch
Scott Cadger, head of underwriting and claims strategy at Scottish Widows, is surprised so many people in the UK have made no provision for life insurance or critical illness cover to protect their families should they be one of the unlucky ones to suffer.
"I decided to do all the peaks of the Zermatt ski valley and probably got to do more snowboarding, ascents and descents than I would have done." Mr Wilson, who was treated at Dryburn Hospital, Durham, spent six hours in surgery having his legs rebuilt after the crash at Cadger Bank, County
The home side dominated the first half but Vale deservedly equalised after the break before Graham Cadger blasted in a welcome winner with time running out.
He also suffered a shattered knee cap, a broken collar bone and fractured ribs in the accident at Cadger Bank, Lanchester, County Durham, in January 2003.
Cherie's Sleb Supermarket Sweep, in which our First Madwoman takes on challengers for her title as Britain's champion cadger.
Firefighters from Consett and High Handenhold were called to Cadger Bank near Lanchester in County Durham, at 6.55am, after the milk wagon had rolled over several times.