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Synonyms for cadge

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Synonyms for cadge

to ask or ask for as charity

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Synonyms for cadge

ask for and get free

obtain or seek to obtain by cadging or wheedling

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"They're nearly invisible." The four-day event takes its name from the Slovakian legend of a beggar who cadged enough money to build a mansion.
We are all familiar with the hundreds of words English has cadged from Spanish.
Cuzzy Gage, a homeless 18-year-old, measures his life in hours between meals cadged from the school cafeteria; Tracy Edwards, an urbane academic on retreat in the neighboring community, traces his own life in lost years as he obsesses over the memoirs of his dead best friend.
CORONATION Street's Les Battersby will have cadged his last few pounds to buy a packet of cigarettes, while chain-smoking Dot Cotton of EastEnders will end up in a cancer ward - if the Government gets its way.
1981 PAGES 6&7 John Robertson scored the winner then cadged a lift on the England team bus - that's how to really rub it in.
He hasn't lived a life that's full, but seen it through the bottom of a glass that's only full when he's cadged a pint.
During his performances, Bobby would always hold a cigarette and often cadged one from a member of the audience.
He added: ``I'vealways cadged lifts or got taxis before, whatever's going.