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a military trainee (as at a military academy)

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Answer: A culturally affirming institutional environment with leaders and staff employing strategies designed to close the gaps in educational and employment outcomes; targeted case management, including timely information, practical support and mentoring; greater opportunities for work experience, including short-term work placements, part-time and casual work, holiday cadetships and structured volunteering opportunities; and tracking of Indigenous students throughout the education and training system, with a focus on early intervention.
Presumably she would have known that Peacock's wife had, since the late 1820s, been suffering from a psychosomatic illness that rendered her "a complete invalid," unable to "attend to the care of their children, or undertake the cares of housekeeping." (84) After he in turn learned of her husband's bankruptcy and mental instability, Peacock used his influence to obtain East India Company cadetships for Mrs.
The company has also been advertising flying training courses in specialist flying magazines in recent weeks and offering flying cadetships.
Clare, a student at King Edward VI High School for Girls, is one of only two candidates to be offered University Cadetships this year.
Offering a range of work experience placements, cadetships, and other training schemes, the foundation prides itself on developing the skills of students and teachers in the region.
Qatar Airways' scholarship programmes continue to build momentum with more than 200 applications received for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Pilot Cadetships, university studies, internships and scholarships.
There are also opportunities for medical apprenticeships and cadetships in areas such as dental nursing, midwifery, and occupational therapy at ?Id=2066
Applications for officer cadetships went up from 770 in 2001 to 1,100 this year already.
There are details of apprenticeships, bursaries (pounds 1,000-pounds 45,000 a year) and university cadetships.