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Synonyms for cadet

a military trainee (as at a military academy)

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SHOOTING, sailing and obstacle courses were some of the highlights on a weeklong training camp for Shropshire's Army Cadets.
They say the family is the foundation of a person's character but several families in Baguio do not only mold cadets at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) but they also heal homesickness.
In some communities, such as Sidney, B.C., Cadet Correspondents have already established relationships with local media outlets and regularly contribute directly to their home-town newspaper, telling stories about their friends and experiences you can't get anywhere else.
Cadet Hongbo Jia of Long Grove, Illinois, received the Zelma Garriot Morris Medal for personifying the Academy's goal of transforming boys and girls into young men and women.
The Mabalasik Class valedictorian is Cadet First Class Dionne Mae Umalla of Alilem town in Ilocos Sur province.
This saw the cadets replicating firefighter breathing apparatus training and cadet Jack Evans victorious with the fastest time of 34.53 seconds.
Head Cadet Jack Godinho, 15, said: "Being a cadet leader is a brilliant way to influence change in young minds, and educate young people in the right way.
Cadet Tauseeq Haider was declared best in academics, Cadet Saqib Ali as the best sportsman and Cadet Hamza Iqbal was declared as the best cadet of the year.
Greg Ogbeifun shocked the audience when he offered immediate employment opportunity to the overall best graduating cadet.
Over 170 cadets and 80 staff attended the camp and came away at the end of the week with great memories, new friends, new skills and the desire to do it all again next year.
In squash competition Cadet Zaheer Abbas of Cadet College Larkana was adjudged winner while Cadet Uzair Ahmed of Cadet College Pano Aqil was declared runner-up.
Cleveland Army Cadet Force has more than 650 cadets and adult volunteers in detachments right across Teesside.
Sgt Brodie Spalding from 1019 (City of Stirling) Squadron was the only cadet to achieve advanced marksman standard and received the camp's best shot award.
Milestone College cadets participated in the cultural activities, sports, band and parade competitions in camps and achieved tremendous success.