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a military trainee (as at a military academy)

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Ranked fourth is Cadet 1CL Leonore Andrea Cario Japitan from Ambago, Butuan City who will receive the Management Plaque.
Female cadets have often made it to the Top 10 of the
Her cadet path simply took her in another direction, one she does not regret.
The JAT Regiment Silver Medal for Best Gentleman Cadet in Tactical ability and Leadership was awarded to Battalion Cadet Adjutant Dorjee Sherpa of Kalidhar Coy.
A total of 129 aviation cadets including 5 cadets from Royal Saudi Air Force, 1 from Royal Jordanian Air Force and 6 Lady Cadets graduated at the occasion.
The Adjutant of the college Major Abdullah, Vice Principal Academics Sikandar Ali Channa, Teaching staff and cadets of the College were also present.
Cadet Warrant Officer Paolo David receives the Per Ardua Cup from Wing Commander Stuart Iles, on behalf of 163 Squadron
The Dame Allan's cadet corps thrived under Colonel Brewer in the immediate years following WW1, however in 1926 Colonel Brewer passed away and between 1927 and 1939 government support for the initiative weakened, the name changed to 'school camps' and in 1930 government recognition, funding and support was withdrawn completely.
While addressing the parade, Commander Royal Saudi Air Force congratulated the graduating cadets, including the Royal Saudi Air Force and Kuwaiti Air Force cadets on the successful completion of their training.
He is also now a qualified instructor cadet helping teach other cadets at the regional air cadet centre at RAF Linton-on-Ouse.
UK-wide there are now more than 19,500 cadets and cadet force adult volunteers.
For more information on the Army Cadet Force and how to join as a cadet or adult volunteer, go to armycadets.
They were Cadet Colour Sergeant Michael Barnes, Cadet Corporal Nia Griffiths, Cadet Lance Corporal Emilia Ingram and Cadet Dan Jones.
The cadets were accompanied by Cadet Coordinator Sgt Alan Parks.
CELEBRATION: (Pictured) Cadet Lamb, SGT Hernandez, Cadet Taylor, Cadet Carlin, CPl Taylor