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marked by a rhythmical cadence


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CAD-1883 was discovered in a joint research programme between Saniona and Cadent Therapeutics.
Cadent were carrying out works on Coventry Road involving temporary traffic lights which impacted badly on flow but these were completed last week.
A spokesman said Cadent "assisted the emergency services last night, by isolating the gas supply" to the property on Hinckley Road and adjoining properties.
Cadent employees and contractors carry identification.
Westminster Council said the incidentaffected around 200 people, but Cadent said the number of people evacuated were in the "tens" and not hundreds.
Anyone with a safety concern about the equipment - including barriers, signs or cones - can call a member of the Cadent team on 0161 703 1000.
This project is part of a PS65 million investment Cadent is making to renew 370 kilometres of gas pipes in the West Midlands region this year.
Digital impression systems, such as the Lava Chairside Oral Scanner by 3M, the CEREC AC by Sirona, and the Cadent iTero system are used to take a digital "impression" of the teeth, rather than use the traditional gooey impression material that is necessary to obtain the final impression for a crown, bridge, or veneer.
This deal has so much hair on it that people who would do it from a business standpoint have to think long and hard about it,'' said Ken Harris, managing partner of Chicago-based Cadent Consulting Group, which specializes in advising retail and consumer companies.
Where retailers and consumers really part ways, according to the Cadent study, is on the effectiveness of shopper marketing.
Tnugdale, an Irish nobleman, suffers a death-like paralysis for three days ("Assunt signa mortis, crines cadent, frons obduratur, errant oculi, nasus acuitur, pallescunt labia, mentum cadit et universa corporis membra rigesunt").
The other vendors mentioned in the report are 3M ESPE, AS Technology, Biodentis GmbH, Cadent Inc.
Patricia O'Donnell (author); NECESSARY PLACES; Cadent Publishing (Fiction: Literary) 14.
Cixous's lyricism and imagery in "The Laugh of Medusa" not only corresponds to the "poetic tendency" in Woolf's works, but also prophesies the complex piling of sensual images and cadent phrases in Chu's Desolate Man.