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Synonyms for cadence

Synonyms for cadence

the patterned, recurring alternation of contrasting elements, such as stressed and unstressed notes in music

Synonyms for cadence

the close of a musical section

a recurrent rhythmical series


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Piano Essentials: Scales, Chords, Arpeggios, and Cadences for the Contemporary Pianist is a soft cover, 100-page book with accompanying CD, designed to meet Berklee's Level 1 and Level 2 piano technique requirements.
This is different from the usual piano proficiency method that launches right into cadence patterns without explanation of where the inversions came from.
In the context of multi-sport events, the research suggests that finishing the cycling portion with a fast cadence gives a triathlete an edge by essentially increasing his or her running speed.
It is also noteworthy that the runners heart rates were equivalent among the running trials, even when they had cycled with a 20% faster cadence than the control condition.
Deppert makes much of Werckmeister's (and Walther's) categorization of melodic cadences into four basic melodic formulas named after the four vocal registers (e.g., the Discant cadence comprises the final proceeding to the seventh degree, and returning to the final; and the Bass cadence consists of the final proceeding to the fifth and back again).
Moreover, whenever the cadences contain unusual, or highly ornamented, melodic patterns, Deppert sometimes stretches the terminology almost beyond its limits to make it fit the example.