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Synonyms for cadenced

marked by a regular rhythm

Synonyms for cadenced

marked by a rhythmical cadence


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Although eight poems (as in the works of Benassi and Di Spigno) consist of very long lines, at times going beyond the margin, the majority (the other eighteen) tend to have a more concise and cadenced verse.
More than the intricacies of the plot, Gunesekera's works are almost always centred on cadenced language and delicate emotional realities.
2) Oppen and Gluck poeticize prayer under the sign of litotes, or understatement, and Wright does so, like Hopkins, with rhetorical opulence; if their poems restrain trope and anthropomorphism, his abound with extravagant, almost baroque figurations of landscape, affect, and an absent God; if theirs approximate silent or mental prayer, subduing verbal music, his are written in strongly cadenced lines rich with sonic patterning.
Slow Dance reaches its quiet climax in the final, eponymous section, a cadenced meditation whose melodic effect depends as much on the order of the poems as on Peeradina's controlled diction and pitch-perfect versification: "Inches from oblivion / the heart may yet find its moment / to thaw; in a split / second flood its chambers / with blinding sight.
Soon, birds were everywhere, their cadenced trilling drowning out all other sounds.
She is a formidable icon, 6 feet tall, with a speaking voice cadenced like an epic poem and a presence that evokes an aging African warrior queen.
But then my ears detected a welcome sound above the sigh of the mountain breeze: the steady, cadenced yap of dogs barking treed.
As I noted, he excludes writers whose work constitutes mere lineated prose and cannot rightly be said to be verse (which means, after all, measured--not simply cadenced or intense--speech).
The yambu, the oldest and most cadenced form, is a couple's dance of mimetic moves.
Engaging them in this kind of dialogue up-front before going into a deeper dive into all the intricacies of your business model allows the candidate to get excited about the benefits of being one of your franchisees, and the details are more appropriately cadenced throughout the balance of the discovery experience.
This Time her menu embraces a bat, a cat, an owl, a ghost, a goblin, a group of bones, and even a wizard wearing a wizardy hat filled with a cadenced tempo and engaging representations, this lively version of a long-established poem/song presents huge appeal for Little Learners.
The first indication that Hoagland is a master of his own cadenced music, the Whitmanesque reclamation and recasting of everyday speech, is in Hoagland's line breaks.
GEC: I've asked you a lot about politics and philosophy, and I haven't said much about your poetry, which is very fine-nimble in argument and imagery and jazzily cadenced.
The cadenced speech in Barbelo relates to Hans-Thies Lehmann's depiction of musicalization as "an important sign usage in postdramatic theatre.
His unease is increasingly with the emotional response that becomes habitual and that converts the grief of others into cadenced tones and pleasing images.