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Synonyms for cadenced

marked by a regular rhythm

Synonyms for cadenced

marked by a rhythmical cadence


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The band broke into Johann Strauss' Radetzsky March; everyone cadenced clapping in tune with the march.
Garrick delivered a performance the lightness and liveliness of which departed from the stately and cadenced acting that had characterised tragedy since the late -seventeenth century; in doing so he changed the rhetorical conventions.
Offered in lively, cadenced read-aloud text writer Delaney's child centered book re-counts the narrative of the Little Girl who had been cautioned against going into the woods where the scary Gunnywolf lives.
Constant feedback yields better results than cadenced unveilings (Blank, 2013).
The rhythmic pulse of the passage depends entirely on Frederic Henry's attention and focus, which zooms in and out dramatically, creating an equally cadenced emotional tension.
Brown's poems show historic acuity, political wit, the cadenced snap of an Auden poem, as well as echoes of an earlier English poetic tradition going back to the aforementioned Thomas Wyatt.
Told in quiet, cadenced rhyme, "The Best Part of The Day" savors all the experiences of a child through different days, different times, changing seasons.
As though unable to form this content into cadenced rhythms, he rather piles words like blocks of truth, spelling out the implications of Lincoln's dastardly act (105-6).
His instructions are in prose, although of the cadenced variety, which is not surprising because he has written more than fifty books of poetry, winning two Pulitzer Prizes in the process, as well as being selected as the US poet laureate in 2010.
After taking stock of a life that has grown "a little longer / and more worn at the edges" the speaker of "In Case Of" recounts the events of the previous night in a cadenced and quietly elegant passage:
Remark as people always will on the pieces of this speech -- the sonorous "Four score and seven years ago'' opening; the powerful cadenced phrases such as "We cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this ground''; the serious reference to the equality principle expressed in the Declaration of Independence -- what reverberates still is the plain pleading for our country to endure.
Their cadenced slopes rise and fall in swells that recall the low notes of this composer's cello suites.
have no use for measured, cadenced verse, If you won't read.
With so many employees improperly maintaining behemoth inboxes, the team has flexed its prioritization bicep and realized it needs to roll tools out in a cadenced rhythm, starting with easier actions leading to more complicated tasks.
Pashto Folk songs and Poems: The Cadenced Catharsis