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Synonyms for cadenced

marked by a regular rhythm

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Synonyms for cadenced

marked by a rhythmical cadence


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and to declaim his lines in a cadenced, musical 'heroic tone'" (592).
Against the Gulf's historic traumas and racially economized cheapness of life, we find an inspirited dedication to the dead in Howe's "Savage Conversations," Charo Guerra's "Racial Cleansing," Luis Lorentes's "Negro Spiritual," and Brenda Marie Osbey's hauntingly cadenced "Death by Water Suite." The power of the region's music comes through in much of this material, even in translations carrying a Gulf muse across from Spanish or Yucatec Mayan.
Seated on the ground, she swung her body back and forth in cadenced rhythm, as if she was sitting in an invisible rocking chair.
The speaker of "The Singing" describes the young man as "husky dressed in some style of big pants obviously full of himself hence his lyrical flowing over," his "cadenced shouting" indecipherable because the young man is "black speaking black." The description is revelatory, though what's revealed remains ambiguous--that the speaker draws inferences bases on superficial observations?
Ability to shoot picture-perfect rapid doubles I judged less important than controlled, repeated singles cadenced about one per second.
Offered in lively, cadenced read-aloud text writer Delaney's child centered book re-counts the narrative of the Little Girl who had been cautioned against going into the woods where the scary Gunnywolf lives.
No attempt was made to control the speed of repetition, but the subjects were instructed to perform a cadenced and control the movement.
Brown's poems show historic acuity, political wit, the cadenced snap of an Auden poem, as well as echoes of an earlier English poetic tradition going back to the aforementioned Thomas Wyatt.
Told in quiet, cadenced rhyme, "The Best Part of The Day" savors all the experiences of a child through different days, different times, changing seasons.
His instructions are in prose, although of the cadenced variety, which is not surprising because he has written more than fifty books of poetry, winning two Pulitzer Prizes in the process, as well as being selected as the US poet laureate in 2010.
After taking stock of a life that has grown "a little longer / and more worn at the edges" the speaker of "In Case Of" recounts the events of the previous night in a cadenced and quietly elegant passage:
Remark as people always will on the pieces of this speech -- the sonorous "Four score and seven years ago'' opening; the powerful cadenced phrases such as "We cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this ground''; the serious reference to the equality principle expressed in the Declaration of Independence -- what reverberates still is the plain pleading for our country to endure.
By giving his readers credit for literacy, Professor Alter performs the difficult but fascinating task of translation, rendering into English with no diminution of "concrete directness" the "strongly cadenced" as well as "beautifully compact" Hebrew (Alter's language).
Their cadenced slopes rise and fall in swells that recall the low notes of this composer's cello suites.