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offensively discourteous

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I hope it is not caddish of me, though, to wish that his list of admirables in American history was a bit longer, and included some of the non-political people and institutions that have made this country such a wellspring of inventiveness and economic dynamism, the place where so much of the rest of the world wants to be.
Gough's gentle accompaniment suits this odd, dual coming of age tale, where a thoroughly caddish, self-serving lout (Grant) quite accidentally befriends a horribly confused mama's boy (the brilliant Tom Collette) and in stumbling, bumbling fashion finds something of value to fill his empty, vapid life.
The caddish tycoon - nicknamed Bing Laden for his ungallant behaviour - was horrified when Liz told him she was pregnant.
It feels caddish to carp, say, about the growing class divisions between those who can afford a computer and those who can barely pay rent.
Joe Conason in The New York Observer and Karen Houppert in The Village Voice charge Bob Dole with similarly caddish behavior in his first marriage; after twenty-three years of devotion, Phyllis Dole--the woman who put Dole back together from that war wound that seems to constitute his entire political platform--found herself replaced by a nontyping girlfriend-on-the-payroll and divorced with lightning speed in proceedings so rushed no records exist.
The sum of these diminishing choices is a Hedda whose boredom is real (in that pseudo-Chekhovian sense that finally doesn't serve Chekhov either), but whose soul seems more at home with Tesman and Thea and even the caddish but stultifying Judge Brack than with the fallen Dionysian, Lovborg.
He made his debut at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden in Judith Weir's opera Miss Fortune, and returned there last month in the role of the caddish B.F.
Directed (but, unusually, not written) by an off-form David Koepp, the film shoots for the swinging insouciance of '60s farce, but this story of a caddish art dealer enlisted by MI5 to assist in a knotty theft case is longer on frippery than quippery: There's a fatal shortage of zingers to supplement its exhausting zaniness.
With her caddish hubby's carnal pleasures hitting a carnival pitch, Lambert snaps, "You got girls that sing and dance/I hear one's an acrobat/You got 'em swinging from the chandelier/Well, honey, I don't swing like that.'' With the title referring to Lambert giving her diamond back (hence, making her ex two rings shy of a three-ring circus), "Two Rings Shy'' is a stinging kiss-off song that boast unbridled passion, snappy lyrics and even a carnival atmosphere to boot.
They enjoyed the comedy of her boomeranging between Mr Right and Mr Wrong - honorable Darcy and caddish Cleaver.
He has been pigeon holed in roles calling for a diffident, occasionally caddish Englishmen.
ORLANDO Bloom is blooming into a baddie at last as he shows his caddish side in The Three Musketeers In 3D.
The XKR-S i s f a s t e r even than the bruising Aston N420 Vantage, and a sure sign that Jaguar want their cars to be caddish again.
In the much-acclaimed Mad Men, Hamm plays Don Draper, a caddish advertising whizz whose five-a-day include whisky, women and cigarettes, and whose smooth demeanour hides a shady past.