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Synonyms for cadaveric

of or relating to a cadaver or corpse


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Regarding the methods of teaching anatomy, 153 students (48.9 %) said that they got their anatomy teaching via lectures and cadaveric dissection, whereas 60 students (19.2 %) said that they were taught by lectures, cadaveric dissection, and multimedia.
Dr Anwar, Nephrologist of Dhaka Medical College Hospital who had a fellowship on organ donor management and transplant from Korea University Anam Hospital said, the Korean specialized team from the hospital will impart a hands-on training on cadaveric transplantation to a group of Bangladeshi doctors during their visit here.
Cadaveric donors alone cannot meet increasing organ requirements.
The study sample included 102 (one hundred and two) cadaveric human mandibles, out of which 56 (fifty-six) were male and 46 (forty-six) female mandibles.
This study was designed to outline the anatomy and MRI appearance of the normal ligaments and tendons in the hands including the UCL at the metacarpal phalangeal joint (MCPJ) of the thumb, the central slip, the terminal tendon, and the flexor digitorum profundus (FDP) using cadaveric specimens and normal volunteers, review the common sports-related fingers and thumb deformity due to ligamentous and tendinous injuries, discuss the mechanisms of injuries, and illustrate the characteristics of MRI using the surgically proven cases of ligamentous and tendinous injuries.
LAST week saw a welcome focus on promoting deceased, or cadaveric, organ donation that, by meeting the need of patients suffering from end-stage organ failure, would curb illegal commercial transplants.
'Body part donation is obtained from a living donor in Pakistan while cadaveric transplantation is being promoted in Spain and other countries.'
Cadaveric dura mater graft-associated CJD (dCJD) accounts for a common form of iatrogenic CJD.
Traditionally, anatomy has been taught using different approaches including didactic lectures, practical sessions based on models, prosected materials, and cadaveric dissection as well as newer methods such as computer-assisted learning models and interactive computer-based software and radiological images.
Here we performed a cadaveric experiment and related survey study to compare the relative efficacies of the lateral and dorsal tangential (DT) views in the identification of dorsal screw prominence across training backgrounds.
Our intention is to provide a comprehensive evidence-based assessment, supplemented by our own cadaveric study, of the anatomical reliability of the BL and TEG as landmarks for identifying the RLN.
The transplantation of human cadaveric islet cells into patients with diabetes has proven to be an effective treatment for the disease, with a substantial number of patients achieving multi-year insulin independence.
Cadaveric heart and lung as well as liver and pancreas transplants are being planned and will be implemented in the UAE soon, said a senior nephrologist.