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Synonyms for cadaver

the physical frame of a dead person or animal

Synonyms for cadaver

the dead body of a human being

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Propositum istum omnium calculis adprobatum fuit, permoventibus nos iniquioris vulgi rumoribus, dum passim proclamaremur, complura cadavera raperemus inque Theatrum profananda comportaremus, crudeliter postmodum dilaniata non sepeliremus, sed vel in profluentem demergeremus, vel quod abominandum, etiam canibus non raro devoranda committeremus; et nescio quae non vanarum querelarum et lamentationum vanissimarum aliae fuerint.
A study in cadavera. Journal of Bone Joint Surgery America 82: 849-57.
106]), the numerous 'sententiae' and cases of 'evidentia', a figure which rightly belongs in a 'narratio' and is sometimes pleasantly disgusting: Ergo rabidi supra cadavera incubuimus et clausis oculis, quasi visus conscientia acerbior esset, tota corpora morsibus consumpsimus.
A 'Song on the Scottish Wars', for example, celebrates the slaughter of the Scots at Dunbar and then makes an offensive comparison between the flesh cut from the 'kilted rabble' and refuse meat on sale in the shambles: 'cadavera, velut in macello | Vilia vendentis, tunicato stricta popello.' (35) The 'Song on the Execution of Sir Simon Fraser' in BL MS Harley 2253 ironically recounts how 'Sire Edward oure kyng, that ful ys of piete | The Waleis quarters sende to is oune countre' ('Sir Edward our king, fully of piety/pity, sent Wallace's quartered body back to his own country'), but it seems to savour the irony of Edward's pitiless 'piete' rather than being in any way undermined by it.