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Synonyms for cadaver

the physical frame of a dead person or animal

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Synonyms for cadaver

the dead body of a human being

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"Diane was not invited, the handler and trainer of the cadaver dogs was not invited.
For each cadaver, we sampled sections of the oral, nasal, and abdominal cavities, the lung and surface of the skin using cotton swabs moistened with sterile physiological serum.
"I would say it's as close you're going to get without having the actual human cadaver. The one limitation of the table is you can't manipulate tissues.
Dr Al Awadi explained that in this case using the patient's own skin was not possible because it will not stick and heal on the exposed bones, which is why using the cadaver skin, which acted as scaffolding was the ideal treatment.
"This technique that I developed, the Live Cadaver, is the first and only method for surgical training that combines the real human anatomy with the lifelike conditions at the same time," Aboud said.
Duplantier, M.D., from Houston Methodist Hospital, and colleagues separated 12 pairs of male cadaver feet into two groups (plate or screw) to conduct contralateral comparative testing of two devices.
In The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist, Radley Balko, a Washington Post reporter, and Tucker Carrington, the director of the George C.
This study examines the efficacy of simulation and cadaver models in teaching tube thoracostomy and the effect on a resident's clinical success.
When it was performed on cadaver bodies the procedure supposedly took 18 hours to complete, ( the Telegraph reported .
This addition expands Stanbridge's resources for innovation and technology in the classroom with hands-on training and the largest digital database for actual cadaver scans and information.
Ex vivo biomechanical evaluation of pigeon (Columba livia) cadaver intact humeri and ostectomized humeri stabilized with caudally applied titanium locking plate or stainless steel nonlocking plate construct.
The groups were then rotated at four supervised stations teaching pleural ultrasonography using patients and Abrams' closed pleural biopsy and small-bore pleural drains placement using sheep cadaver chest.