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a public register showing the details of ownership and value of land


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He said the world bank, through the MINDIVER with full participation of the ministry and mining cadastre, have painstakingly gone through the due process of coming up with Messrs GAF of Germany as the preferred consultant and contractor to carry out the project.
"The entire region operates in modern cadastre, registering infrastructures, massive assessment of real-estate, there is also EU's initiative Inspire that connects us all", stated Slavce Trpeski, Director of the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre.
"Bearing in mind the achievements in the field of national spatial data infrastructure and mapping, it's more than certain that at this moment the support from the Kingdom of the Netherlands is welcome so that we can successfully continue what we have started in this area with concerted efforts," said the Director of the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, Slavce Trpeski.
As press-service of the government reported, the premier underscored the need to expand ties between the cadastre agencies of
The cadastre staff had no office of their own so far and it had to share buildings of other government departments.
The State Committee for Property Issues and State Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture of Azerbaijan will cooperate on real estate cadastre.
This includes the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Bulgarian Agency for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre and the Real Estate Cadastre Agency of the Republic of Macedonia, which was signed today between the two agencies, reports novini.AaAe
Over 180 thousand constructions were legalized and registered in the Real-Estate Cadastre. Citizens and companies have property deeds for trade, leasehold and use, informed Director of the Agency for Real-Estate Cadastre Slavce Trpeski.
A delegation of the National Geodetic Authority of Serbia led by Director Borko Draskovic is paying a visit to the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of the Republic of Macedonia to learn more how the Macedonian counterpart operates and to share knowledge and experience that could be used to help their own institution grow.
"In order to continue this policy, rules for compilation and maintenance of a single real estate cadastre have been established in Azerbaijan.