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a public register showing the details of ownership and value of land


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The cadastre office's new way of work is expected to reduce waiting lines by 40 percent.
As a federal ministry, the FLCS is responsible for the State Land Cadastre for the Russian Federation, including overall system design, development, implementation, and maintenance of the land cadastre and the development of standardized solutions to support the system.
The new government policies and the reforms at the Cadastre are expected to contribute to a rapid expansion of this sector.
Compared with the previous five years, last year the number of cadastre services tripled and the fee declined by just as much.
Open Competition: Provision of services on Maintenance of automated information management systems of state real estate cadastre and subsystems of software receiving and issuance FGBU PCF Rosreestra
National Digital Cadastre -- An Historic Step Forward for
The underground cadastre is primarily going to help companies determine the ownership of the built facilities or the buildings yet to be put up," said Slavce Trpeski, Director of the Real Estate Cadastre Agency.
In particular, the goal of phase 1 of the project (the 12 months CSA) is to prepare a very detailed business plan leading, during phase 2, to the establishment of the Centre including: a long-term vision and the mission of the Centre, a detailed SWOT analysis of the domain of territorial management and cadastre in Romania, a long-term scientific and innovation strategy, a market analysis, the Business Concept of the Centre, the analysis of possible cooperation, strategic alliances and long-term partnerships, the operational and financial plan of the Centre, to define a strategic growth roadmap.
The cadastre has introduced two new services--a possibility to follow the status of a submitted application and access to the data of the real estate cadastre.
The project will support the development of an automated land registration system, a supplemental land registration program, development of land cadastre mapping and provision of training and technical assistance for land valuation.
The City of Seraing has included in its 2010-2012 triennial program realization of the cadastre of Seraing Is sewage network.
3, 1998--ARCADIS (Nasdaq:ARCAF; AEX:ARCAD) announced today that International Land Information Services (ILIS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of ARCADIS Heidemij Advies, has been assigned by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lebanon to undertake the second phase of the Cadastre Operations Modernization and Automation Project.
The establishment of an underground cadastre is going to provide additional protection for workers performing construction works on the ground above, as firms will be entitled to claim ownership of the set installations, which is going to raise their value.