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a public register showing the details of ownership and value of land


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As it turned out, the engineer made deliberately false information in the landmark plan: the formed land plot crossed the boundaries of the adjacent land plot, which passed the state cadastral registration.
The protocol was signed during the meeting of Chairman of the State Registration Service Alina Shaikova with representatives of the Korean cadastral corporation.
The system design objective includes: the need of cadastral information management; enhance decision-making ability, quicken decision-making; frequent and dynamic state monitor realization; society applications, Bai et al.
Cadastral maps provide a great deal of useful information, usually including lot and section numbers, and names of original owners, which form the basis of many family history enquiries.
This book represents the first major attempt to examine official rural cadastral mapping as a broad societal force in conceptual and comparative terms.
Using MicroStation GeoGraphics and Bentley PowerMap, Municipio de Tampico found it easy to integrate topographical information from the digital terrain model with cadastral financial information.
In 2018, integrated cadastral work will be carried out in 100 horticultural, gardening and dacha partnerships.
Taking into account the aforementioned observations of depositors, after detailed analysis of the existing legislation regulating the identification of real estate cadastral data, the Minister of Agriculture also prepared the Minister of Agriculture Bronius Markauskas on February 20th.
The city maintains more than 25 different types of information - from statistic, cadastral and real estate information to tourist and utilities information - to serve more than 35,000 residents.
Tenders are invited for systematic registration services for the mixed and intravilan type cadastral sectors that are the object of the infrastructure project of national interest "trgu-jiu bypass variant"
Electronic auction: implementation of cadastral work on the preparation of technical plans for living quarters (apartments) located in the territory of the city of penza, staging them for cadastral registration and (or) registration of the right of municipal property
Commands and workflows that are specifically tailored for cadastral and property mapping organizations and service providers enable efficient collection and maintenance of parcel boundary and related land information in a nonproprietary database environment.
Intergraph will provide a range of mapping and GIS solutions - including GeoMedia(R) and MGE products - services, training, and support for the FLCS to expand their cadastral mapping system (LARIS 5A) and develop a new automated land recording system (LARIS 6B).