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a public register showing the details of ownership and value of land


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Conduct (in four originals) document Cadastral take in accordance with Regulation endorsement, reception and registration in the cadastre and land register records, approved by Order no.
The protocol was signed during the meeting of Chairman of the State Registration Service Alina Shaikova with representatives of the Korean cadastral corporation.
The Geographic Centre Director General Awni Khasawneh said the Korean companies will provide technical support in all fields related to the cadastral science, the development of GIS, aerial photography and remote sensing.
Cadastral data of an immovable property--it is information defining location of the immovable property, natural and economic features of the land, geometric parameters of the buildings and conditions of immovable property usage.
In addition, the new and updated software reflect our goal to develop complete solutions customized to the unique needs of cadastral and land administration professionals across the globe.
Cadastral maps provide a great deal of useful information, usually including lot and section numbers, and names of original owners, which form the basis of many family history enquiries.
Using MicroStation GeoGraphics and Bentley PowerMap, Municipio de Tampico found it easy to integrate topographical information from the digital terrain model with cadastral financial information.
The municipality-owned buildings, individual buildings and installations for homes and other buildings cadastral surveying, cadastral measurements data updating, cadastral data files co-ordination with the State Enterprise Centre of Registers.
Tenders are invited for Provision of Cadastral measurement services.
Intergraph (NASDAQ: INGR) Mapping and Geospatial Solutions today announced the Kosovo Cadastral Agency (KCA) has selected the company's land information management solutions for cadastral registration and land information access.
Drafting comprehensive land in the cadastral Lanzhot, Ti novskEi NovEi Ves and dEirec by the Act.
Intergraph Solutions Improve Access to Swiss Cadastral Survey Data Within GIS and CAD Applications
Tenders are invited for Land cadastral measurements and cadastral data filing outsourcing.
The city maintains more than 25 different types of information - from statistic, cadastral and real estate information to tourist and utilities information - to serve more than 35,000 residents.
Contract award: comprehensive landscaping in the cadastral charvEitskEi nova ves.