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While these beautiful plants come from the cactuses family, they do not like extremely dry soil.
It's illegal to move saguaro cactuses without prior approval from the State of Arizona Department of Agriculture--not to mention that removing any natural resource from a national park is illegal.
The Joshua trees disappear here, but ocotillo and cholla cactuses take their place.
Once they start growing, cactuses probably have the most incredible textures and forms and colors of any plant group in the world.
For example, most cactuses and succulents prefer a slightly alkaline, very well-drained growing medium - an assortment of pebbles, sand and soil.
Keep the park service brochure handy and you'll be able to identify the saguaro's neighbors in this world - cactuses such as prickly pear, hedgehog, fish hook barrel; scrubby plants such as creosote bush, mesquite, ocotillo; and more varieties of cholla cactus than you could have imagined exist: chainfruit, teddy bear, pencil, buckhorn.
Philip Bickley might be blind, but that hasn't stopped him from growing more than 75 cactuses in his back yard - even when it means his wife, Mildred, has to pluck the needles from his hands.
He cautions that many cactuses and euphorbias (thorny succulents from South Africa) freeze in the Antelope Valley winter.
You may be wondering how the sight of thorny cactuses can be soothing, but, trust me, after five minutes at the ranch, you will feel as though you have been transported to a peaceful, if exotic, planet far away from the strife and struggles of Earth.
Every inch - save for foot-wide gravel walkways - is crowded with cactuses and succulents from every continent on Earth except Antarctica.