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Despite that, there are no studies in the literature on estimates of size and shape of experimental plots to evaluate phenotypic descriptors in cactus pear. Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate the optimal plot size for cactus pear cv.
To meet these aims, we carried out for two years in the Agadir area a precise monitoring of the phenology of plants in trials having as other objectives to record the effects of irrigations on fruit yield and quality of three varieties of cactus pear: the spineless 'Aissa' and 'Moussa' of O.
Therefore, the objective of the present work was to evaluate the effect of brown-rice flour substitution (5%, 7%, and 10%) with yellow cactus pear peel powder on the physical (instrumental colour, texture, and moisture content), sensory (overall liking and attributes of colour, texture, and oiliness), and nutritional properties (fat, protein, and fibre content) of gluten-free snacks with addition of amaranth flour (20%).
Red cactus pear encapsulated powder was obtained according to the method reported by Ruiz-Gutierrez et al.
In the literature, it is reported that fruits of cactus pear contain different betalains whose concentration depends on species, cultivar, and geographic region.
Wet faeces produced by sheep fed dried spineless cactus pear cladodes in balanced diets.
Within the genus Opuntia, Cactus Pear (Opuntia ficus-indica) is the most agronomically important species for the production of edible fruits and cladodes, which can be used as a vegetable and valuable forage resource in arid and semi-arid lands [7].
Use of botanicals extracts to control wild cochineal (Dactylopius opuntiae Cockerell) on cactus pear. Acta Horticulturae 811: 229-234