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Synonyms for cacophonous

Synonyms for cacophonous

characterized by unpleasant discordance of sound

Synonyms for cacophonous

having an unpleasant sound


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The victim invested by an alien presence sometimes aims to write it off, pinning it down by penning it Whether or not writers are more prone to visitations than others, they have this hope of counteracting them, denied perhaps to mental patients, though madness often threatens scribblers too In paranormal tales, conviviality modulates cacophonously into nightmare As with nature, 'chassez les parasites, ils reviennent au galop'.
Character is fate, Amis is wont to declare with the sage Heraclitus, while choristers of multiculturalism, of feminism, and of rebuke (against everything normative or traditional), simultaneously and cacophonously deny it.
That leaves only the lesbian love triangle with Shezza, Our Lindz and Jackie clanging cacophonously. So much for Jackie claiming about daughter Lindsey, "It's just a new thing.
For focused reasons generally concerning its exclusion of public input, certain interest groups are cacophonously opposed to the 7 consultation process.
Arning's "UIA (Unlikely Iterations of the Abstract)" and "Painting: A Love Story" were the most aesthetically refined shows of the bunch; Cassel Oliver's "Black in the Abstract, Part 1: Epistrophy" and "Part 2: Hard Edges/Soft Curves" the most historically probing; and Daderko's "Outside the Lines" (sharing its title, confusingly, with that of the whole series) and "Rites of Spring" the most cacophonously varied.
Watching a little pack tightly clustered around a fresh scent, following it passionately, losing it temporarily, regaining it joyously, and all the while singing cacophonously are what rabbit hunters live for - along with tender, southern-fried rabbit legs.
(35) The Dada 'poeme simultane', which involved several performers reciting totally unrelated texts cacophonously, showed, according to Ball's diary entry of 30 March 1916, not the consonance between language and an object-ive reality, but 'den Widerstreit der vox humana mit einer sie bedrohenden, verstrickenden und zerstorenden Welt' (Die Flucht aus der Zeit, p.