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Synonyms for cacophonous

Synonyms for cacophonous

characterized by unpleasant discordance of sound

Synonyms for cacophonous

having an unpleasant sound


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When a fictional journalist named Carlo Lucarelli logs a report in the middle of Il giorno del lupo, a crime novel by author Carlo Lucarelli, postmodern bells and whistles sound cacophonously, alerting readers to the self-referentially playful nature of the text before them.
Character is fate, Amis is wont to declare with the sage Heraclitus, while choristers of multiculturalism, of feminism, and of rebuke (against everything normative or traditional), simultaneously and cacophonously deny it.
That leaves only the lesbian love triangle with Shezza, Our Lindz and Jackie clanging cacophonously.
For focused reasons generally concerning its exclusion of public input, certain interest groups are cacophonously opposed to the 7 consultation process.
In the painter's paradise, nothing is yet named or damned; all things sing cacophonously, no one able to discern who is who, or he from she.