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Synonyms for cacophonous

Synonyms for cacophonous

characterized by unpleasant discordance of sound

Synonyms for cacophonous

having an unpleasant sound


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I think athletes are increasingly gravitating toward outlets that place them in the least amount of jeopardy and offer them the maximum exposure,'' said NBC broadcaster Bob Costas, who remains a voice of calm in an increasingly cacophonous profession.
For in a manifestation of Durant's consistent attitude toward architecture, a cacophonous brew of overlapping sound composed of the blues, rock, and rap tracks that accompany most of his exhibited sculptures blurred and even contradicted the geometric rectitude of MOCA'S Arata Isozaki--designed building.
There's pixilation, video, cel animation, special effects, all manner of camera speeds in every conceivable moving pattern; in other words, it's the kind of showoffy showpiece that should rightfully be a cacophonous mess.
Here was hope and a little bit of madness, and it captured the cacophonous politics of Ars Electronica, with its servers and servitude, mixed signals and messianic gloom.
Sea lions assembled on a rocky beach below, sending up such a cacophonous bark, you'd have thought the Alpo delivery had been delayed to the kennel.
Portrayed by multiperspectival structures that offer no singular orientation within the faint frames, architecture emerges as a cacophonous, inscrutable labyrinth.
At one time mistakenly attributed to Franz Joseph Haydn, the symphonic work by Leopold Mozart features the orchestra's string section and an odd, cacophonous mixture of unlikely instruments played by the otherwise idled members of the group.
A tune-up prologue segues into sections devoted to specffic instruments--piano, violin, or voice--which build to a stunning climax of cacophonous crashes before winding down to a calm conclusion punctuated by a slamming door.
The disciplined interplay between guitarists Lee Ranaldo and Thurston Moore ranks near the top of rock's conversational pile, and the pair simmers on tracks such as ``Sunday'' - which features one of the group's patented and cathartic rhythm-driven plateaus - and ``Wildflower Soul,'' a nine-minute metamorphosis from cool candescence to cacophonous cat fight.
Underground functioned as a disrupted reflecting pool, the mmediacy and accuracy of the mirror image undercut by the cacophonous proliferation of piecemeal information these mirrors provided.
But he's also made the cacophonous headaches ``Slamdance'' and ``Life Is Cheap .
Placed in darkness and generating cacophonous sounds, Gustowska's dramatically illuminated installations were gathered into a labyrinthine passage in which they looked like ghostly apparitions.
The cacophonous, guitar-driven ``Firestarter,'' a hit single earlier this year, is included here, but it's primarily a mediocre update of Ministry's blistering ``N.
A month-long tournament that starts at Soccer City in Soweto on Friday when South Africa play Mexico will look and feel different from any other World Cup -- and sound different too thanks to the cacophonous din of vuvuzela trumpets.
Besides a cacophonous debate over the dawn of a new chapter of decent political ethics exhibited by the political parties on 18th amendment, some observes are looking beyond this episode and rather they look forward to the future occurrences.