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having an unpleasant sound


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(36) Thus, a vacuum of data (37) and conflicting research methods (38) have led to a cacophonic debate.
(2) In format alone, that is, the book is very nearly unreadable, and, like Dante in Canto III, one is tempted to weep from bewilderment at the cacophonic text.
That's exacerbating the chaos in the "Paris of Asia", known as much for its cacophonic horns and snarl-ups as it is for its French colonial architecture, ubiquitous lakes and tree-lined boulevards.
The UN is no longer viewed as an effective policeman in a cacophonic world.
Tinguely's insistent, at times irritating, drift toward humor never failed him, even as his works grew ever larger, more calligraphic and cacophonic, his oeuvre yielding vast agglomerations of lighting fixtures, windows, furniture, wheels, auto parts, and ornamental architectural elements--more colorful, more lit-up, more aggressively "techy," bigger.
The opera proper continues with a cacophonic introduction in which the orchestra, rock band and electronic vocal quartet fight for supremacy.
May be because he had a weak case to defend on terrorism, Aziz sounded polite and diplomatic while Swaraj was at her cacophonic best.
AS YOU drive into the Tala Park neighborhood located along the cacophonic BT Road on the northern fringes of Kolkata, a soothing calm welcomes you with well- maintained trees on either side, creating a green canopy in the urban jungle.
As you walk around, you can also appreciate the con-flicting smells: sweet stalls up against fish and chips, candyfloss next to burgers, a confusion of competing odours almost as cacophonic as the noise.
Perhaps the contradiction is justified given the cacophonic nature of the sources, but Chiarelli fails to draw sufficient attention to the complex politics of the time.
The cacophonic, performative bluster of Southland Tales never threatens to "make sense" in conventional narrative terms.
In his daily Newshour Debate, however, Goswami ostentatiously conjures the cacophonic democracy of an anti-elitist, liberalised, vibrant and participative public that demands accountability from a corrupt, exploitative and ignorant political class.
Their stage version of Stanshall's classic album Sir Henry at Rawlinson End will play at the Unity theatre on June 18, when the musical team - the 'insane and cacophonic' Brainwashing House - will be joined by his violinist Susie Honeyman, who is also a member of The Mekons.
There is a lot of (pre-paid and post-paid) attention-diverting and velvet-silencing, but besides this cacophonic noise where is a serious research on that?