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Based upon the product of Kamisar's acute (30) cacoethes scribendi, (31) there is every reason to believe that Yale's own assessment as to why his Brooklyn Dodgers article failed was not that it had too many footnotes, but that it had too few.
It may have been started by Truman Capote with In Cold Blood, and Norman Mailer may have been its most prominent practitioner since, but the cacoethes scribendi seems to have spread from eminent novelists to just novelists to, well, would-be novelists currently employed by our finer newspapers or periodicals.
599), he has also now completed his Castles Trilogy with the publication of Cloud Castles (1998) and the present novel, Capital Castles, subtitled "The Still Further Accounts of Duncan Katz in 140 Chapters Including a Patriotic Peroration, an Apostrophe, a Classic Culminating Cacoethes.
Linked to the libido sciendi, this cacoethes scribendi had already reached epidemic proportions by the Renaissance.
The third horse, a further two lengths adrift, was the 3-1 second favourite Cacoethes (G Starkey).
Gone are the days when we would get King Georges like the one in which Grundy denied Bustino, Dancing Brave avenged his Epsom defeat by Shahrastani or Nashwan edged out Cacoethes.
He was sent off a 2-9 favourite to prove himself against the older generation again in the King George, but he struggled to fend off Cacoethes and prevailed by a neck.
No full Boswell treatment for Coleridge, then--his biographers have had to settle for indicating the fact of his cacoethes loquendi.
On that occasion Carson devised a plan that required Richard Hills aboard pacemaking Polemos to set a slow pace, thus turning the race into a sprint - which Nashwan won narrowly from old foe Cacoethes.
Nashwan and Carson complete a 2,000 Guineas/Derby double in 1989, beating Terimon and Cacoethes