References in classic literature ?
But you eat the chickens that eat the bugs," retorted the yellow hen, with an odd cackle.
A harsh, thin cackle behind the curtains put the hillman on his mettle for a second shot.
Two filthy Muttley-esque cackles that can fracture bulletproof glass from 50 yards" - Piers Morgan says he does not miss much about working on TV talent shows.
If it weren't so sad, the Ulpana saga could be a farce about governments who do not govern, leaders afraid to lead and Peace Now, whose cackles may turn to dismay.
Noise proves nothing--often a hen who has merely laid an egg cackles as if she had laid an asteroid.
Flextone's versatile Michael Waddell Series Mouth Calls are designed to create seductive soft tree yelps or sexy clucks and purrs, as well as produce the loudest cuts, cackles and yelps to draw in birds from afar.
Mash the pedal and the V8 cackles, the rear hunkers down and an enormous bow-wave of power shoulders its way in.
And Phil Tuffnell's wheezing cackles could be heard long into the night.
He makes a big public mess whenever he can, cackles gleefully throughout the assigned hunt (when he's not having epileptic seizures, anyway) and, of course, wants to be the Far East's top gun.
Special gives you the sweet yelp of the Double Split on one side, and the raspy cutts, cackles, and purrs of the S.