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black-and-red or black-and-yellow orioles of the American tropics

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It allows Cacique to extend its portfolio of authentic, high-quality Hispanic foods rich in heritage and tradition to even more people across the country.
Trainer Andy Oliver admitted the rise was quite severe but thinks there could be more to come from Cacique Royale.
Trainer Oliver's post-race comments suggested Cacique Royale would improve from that run and, although quicker ground is a slight concern, he should triumph again.
Otros indios del mismo pueblo de Nachen testificaron que ellos cuidaban los puercos y vacas del encomendero en la hacienda de Perales, ubicada en tierras que el encomendero habia comprado de su cacique Marillanga en 15938.
Estas indicaciones fueron confirmadas por el cuarto testigo de oficio, don Sancho Yangamalco, anciano cacique de Moho, quien ademas aporto informacion adicional sobre la intervencion del poder incaico en la zona:
After a three-race career on the Flat for Amanda Perrett, the son of Cacique moved to Warren Greatrex.
It is the case of (Brazilian carnival street band) Cacique de Ramos, founded in 1961, which provides samba dances in its headquarters accompanied by feijoada every third Sunday of a month.