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Synonyms for cachinnation

an act of laughing

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loud convulsive laughter

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"Some people think that kind of cachinnation slows down the pace of a performance," said Huling," but when your work is compared with great moments of laughter from The Tonight Show, The Carol Burnett Show, or All in the Family, I'll take a showstopper every time."
See the final item in this section (page 208) for a lovely typo from the family Cervidae that will surely result in cachinnation.
The motley crowds, by dozens and scores, big and little, old and young, white, black and brown, learned and illiterate, all made it plain enough "where the laugh came in." In fact it was one general smile varied by guffaws, grins, and every known form of cachinnation. Here was a stray Senator or Representative, there a head of a bureau or even Department, swarms of clerks up to 9 o'clock, visitors, the colored people, the "knights," mechanics--the whole mass put in merry humor by these amusing cartoons.
Absolutely: I founded SNOT!" And he would run off, shedding tears of unhappy laughter (and desnotting his nose in the process), his torso shaken by a combination of cachinnation and despair, his hands over his ears so as to be sure he couldn't hear anything else, and therefore had gotten in the last word.
LATH: A peculiar contortion of the human countenance, voluntary, or involuntary, superinduced by a concatenation of external circumstances, seen or heard, of a ridiculous, ludicrous, jocose, mirthful, funny, facetious or fanciful nature and accompanied by a cackle, chuckle, chortle, cachinnation, giggle, gurgle, guffaw or roar.