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Synonyms for cachet

Synonyms for cachet

an indication of approved or superior status

a warrant formerly issued by a French king who could warrant imprisonment or death in a signed letter under his seal

a seal on a letter

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La Familia Cabo Villas' and the Cachet Hotel Group are very proud to deliver this iconic project to main beach Cabo, as well as to our loyal member base.
Operating under the new name, Cachet Financial Services will continue to provide the innovative products, experienced service, and proven performance that is top of the industry.
Peking Handicraft] has a stellar reputation in the industry for their expertise in sourcing and manufacturing only the finest textile products for the home decor market," Cachet said.
By partnering with Cachet Software, Anomaly Detective joins an elite group of IT management solutions chosen for their technological prowess," said Mark Jaffe, CEO of Prelert.
1i model are pounds 8,495 for the Vibe, pounds 8,995 for the Rhythm and pounds 9,095 for the new Cachet.
Cachet specials come complete with alloy wheels, front fog lamps, air-conditioning, and an MP3 compatible CD player, as well as remote central-locking, front electric windows and a minimum of four airbags.
And Citroen is the first off the starting blocks with a range of specials called Cachet.
It would be perfect for high-end tenants looking for more cachet, more of a user-friendly location, a bit removed from the bustle of Broadway.
And among all this unparalleled music are Coachella's typically overshadowed art installations and independent film showings that round out the festival and add to its impeccable cachet.
Adding to their cachet is the shirts' dramatic symbolism in the story of two cowboys who fall in love and maintain a secret relationship for decades.
But it's precisely the school's less-than-Ivy-League cachet that made Harvey Bookstein feel his gift would be truly appreciated.
Aside from having more cash, services like DHL carry a certain cachet in the Mexican business world.
During the early period when only the outside of envelopes were disinfected, an Italian cachet read "NETTA FUORAI E SPORCA DENTRO," or "clean outside and dirty inside.
The cachet associated with caviar continues to grow.
The company elected to go with the bigger firm because it felt it needed the cachet, but when the work was later revamped and the price tag went up to $2.