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No non-leaf prefix is cacheable because it incurs false hit.
Transferring inline JavaScript and CSS to external (cacheable) includes
Content that is cacheable goes onto the Akamai network and is distributed on additional servers on the network as usage increases," Sanchez explains.
With this Content Delivery Manager, customers will experience huge increases in the cacheable delivery of their application content, resulting in radically higher performance benefits as compared to standard static or network cache server approaches.
One of the main limitations of the early solutions is that they were designed primarily for use on the Internet and, as a result, they focused on reducing the amount of cacheable, static Web HTTP traffic flowing across WANs.
Only certain types of files and content are currently cacheable: static or slowly changing data and media: e.g.
Hence, the value of a cacheable food item to an animal has two components: present value and future value.
The directory processor maintains directory information on the cacheable main memory within that cluster that indicates which clusters, if any, currently cache each line.
In our benchmarks, all program data are allocated in cacheable, interleaved memory.