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large whale with a large cavity in the head containing spermaceti and oil

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(21) Not surprisingly, it was impossible for him to sell the station, but he was able to lease Cachalot n to the Newfoundland government for fishery patrols until 1919.
Amund Anonsen, (24) previously the master-gunner of Cachalot 1 and 11, decided that the absence of competition and the potential for price increases as the Antarctic pelagic industry expanded might make a limited industry feasible.
(27) Encouraged by this success, and thinking for the long term, Anonsen decided that rather than pay dividends he would reinvest in the company by upgrading Hawke Harbour and buying a larger catcher, Morelos, to work with Cachalot 11 on the northern grounds while the older Cabot hunted from Rose-au-Rue in the more sheltered waters of Placentia Bay.
This temporary cessation also provided the opportunity to sell two older catchers, Cachalot n and Morelos, and the station at Rose-au-Rue to Marine Oils Ltd., owned by ex-Newfoundland Whaling Co.
1923-24 Condemned, (catcher) Verks., Christiania Harbour Grace, (Oslo) 1951; scrapped Cachalot I 1905, Akers Mek.
Cachalot 1 sailed from Christiania (Oslo) with Baccalieu, another newly constructed catcher that replaced the Harbour Grace Whaling Co.
1910, reported: "Word was received Saturday [27 Aug.] that the whaling steamer Cachalot was beached at Crowhead Cove [eastern end of Belle Isle] and is not likely to hold together much longer as the bottom is almost completely pounded out of her.
(24) Besides being the master-gunner of Cachalot I and II, and despite having lost the former in 1910, an indication of the reputation he held as an adventurous entrepreneur is provided in a report carried by the Evening Herald shortly after his arrival, which stated that "he is a young man being only about 24 years of age but he has already proved himself a hustler" (23 June 1910).
The species with the greatest numbers of strandings was Physeter catodon (cachalot, sperm "whale") with 22.9% (8) of the cases, all of them being single ones.
They paddled in six folding kayaks codenamed Cuttlefish, Catfish, Crayfish, Cachalot, Coalfish and Conger.
Pour la premiere fois a cette latitude dans la baie de Baffin, des globicephales (Globicephala melas) et des cachalots (Physeter macrocephalus) ont ete detectes en ete et en automne.
Mots cles : nord-ouest du Groenland; baie de Baffin; baie Melville; suivi acoustique passif; cachalots; narvals; globicephales; phoques barbus; baleines boreales; belugas; clics de narvals; clics de belugas
'commercial fishing': "The ocean mammals hunted for commercial uses include dolphins, porpoises, seals, walruses, and whales." > Entre los mamiferos marinos que son objeto de pesca comercial se encuentran los delfines, las marsopas, las focas, las morsas y las ballenas y cachalotes.
supra), puede designar todos los cetaceos, en este fragmento (enmarcado en la pesca comercial de mamiferos marinos) denota las especies de cetaceos con barbas que en espanol se conocen bajo el nombre de ballenas y los grandes cetaceos de dientes que se denominan cachalotes (observese que, primero, en ingl.