cocoa butter

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a yellow-white fat from cocoa beans

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the vegetable fat from the cacao that is extracted from chocolate liquor

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The new bars and truffles contain a "superfoods" concoction that also incorporates cacao butter, cashews, organic cane sugar, and brazil nuts.
As they bite into the cacao butter crust of the 'life force of a tree', the aroma of fresh, verdant greenery washes over their senses.
Using lava stones to grind the chocolate, ChocoVivo only produces dark chocolate, eschewing milk powder, soy lecithin, or additional cacao butter.
The beans are processed into cacao paste, cacao butter, and cacao powder and are imported again into the country.
E Recommends: Navitas 100% Raw, Cold-Pressed Organic Cacao Butter ($24.