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Cacao seeds were used as valuable trade goods since cacao was considered an exclusive and elite status marker for the Mesoamerican nobility.
So, whether you consider yourself to be a god or you just like chocolate, the next time you eat a piece of chocolate or drink a cocoa based milky drink, remember the 3 million tonnes of cacao beans that are harvested every year to keep your favourite chocolate bars on the shelves.
Some cacao farmers have enlisted the help of scientists and environmental groups to find ways to produce chocolate more fairly and more sustainably.
Scientists are collecting germplasm samples of cacao trees from all parts of the world that seem immune to disease and cross-pollinate them with other trees in the lab.
Cacao bushes can grow on small parcels of land and on poor soils, two facts that make it feasible for small farms and women growers, noted institute scientists in their February 2002 report Empowering Women and Fighting Poverty: Cocoa and Land Rights in West Africa.
The Mayans and Aztecs took beans from the cacao tree and made a drink they called xocoatl.
Chocolate, cocoa, or cacao (Theobroma cacao) was the first caffeine beverage encountered by Europeans in the expansion of empires.
Chocolate is produced from the beans of the tropical cacao tree.
Fungal diseases -- black pod rot, frosty pod rot and witches' broom -- have caused severe yield losses to the cacao bean crop, which totaled almost 3 million tons in 1999.
Venezuela's cacao used to be among the world's most acclaimed.
Producers of cacao beans and cocoa in Italy, including contact details and product range
Instead, delicious all-natural flavor is added by combining real spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, orange peel, cardamom, & clove (just to name a few) and also organic raw cacao nibs to their products.
The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) has inked a Cacao Production and Purchase Agreement concerning five Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Organizations (ARBOs) in the Philippine Province of Zamboanga del Norte with the Kennemer Foods International, Incorporated (KFI), according to officials.