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a place where taxis park while awaiting customers

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The first cabstand was established in 1880 on the site that Dave Storey first picked out at the south-west corner of Portage and Main.
40) Luckily, other developments served to defuse the cabstand issue.
In the same year they put a telephone on the Portage Avenue cabstand with a direct line running to their cab office in the stable.
Regulation of the Cab Trade" outlines the major legal constraints affecting the trade, namely, the bylaw provisions governing licenses fees, fares, cabstands and the conduct of owners and drivers.
Street cabs were licensed to ply for hire from public cabstands.
The provisions governing cabstands were blatantly disregarded, the fare schedule was superseded by a simpler one devised by the cab owners themselves, and enforcement of other provisions, with the exception of license fees, seems to have been hit and miss.
The bylaw provisions governing cabstands inspired even less adherence than the fare schedule.
In the mid-1920s, taxi companies anticipated that these five in vestments in cabstands, transfer fees, central dispatching, taximeters and built-for-the-purpose vehicles would keep the bar of entry into their industry sufficiently high to allow it to evolve into an oligopoly where companies would compete on the basis of service rather than on price.
The cost revolution of the late 1920s also extended to cabstands.
All they had to do was to provide groups of cab owners with such services as corporate advertising, a garage, a central switchboard, and in Montreal, access to exclusive cabstands.
So, too, did automobile associations and police departments anxious to reduce the interference of cabstands and taxi cruising with traffic flow.