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the exclusive right of a country to control the air traffic within its borders

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navigation in coastal waters

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The suit instituted by Seadrill Mobile Unit Nigeria Limited was to determine whether drilling operations fell within the definitions of 'Coastal Trade' and 'Cabotage' under the Coastal and Inland Shipping (Cabotage) Act, and whether on a proper interpretation of the Cabotage Act, drilling operations fell within the definition of 'vessels' under the Act.
Cabotage by merchant ships is prohibited in most countries that have a coastline.
They noted that cabotage was the main contributor to the decades-old price differentials between the country's two regions, which could sometimes be as much as 30 per cent higher in Sabah and neighbouring Sarawak.
PIDS argued that relaxing the Cabotage Law was necessary to bring down domestic shipping costs and, in turn, lower the prices of goods.
In his speech, Aquino noted the importance of the Philippine Competition Act and the amendments to the Cabotage Law, which were among the priority measures in the Congress.
Under the cabotage law, domestic coastal shipping service can only be provided by domestic carriers.
The implementation of cabotage in 2013 has also reduced the number of vessels available for chartering.
The trading community was unable to make full advantage of India's first transshipment terminal commissioned by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh nearly two years ago as the cabotage policy reserved the coastal trade to Indian vessels, which incidentally have a carrying capacity of only 15,000 TEUs.
Triunfo Participacoes e Investimentos (BOVESPA: TPIS3, OTC: TPIUY.PK), a Brazil-based infrastructure company with a presence in the toll-road, port and airport administration, electric power and cabotage segments, has reported its financial results for the second quarter of 2012.
Advocates in the European Commission and Parliament said a liberalised cabotage market would help bring down haulage costs but also cut traffic and pollution by reducing the number of transcontinental truckers returning home with empty rigs.
Part IV compares the Jones Act with similar laws in countries that have experienced oil spills to evaluate the effect maritime cabotage laws (14) have had on oil spill cleanup efforts.
Parvaresh said the Majlis has now passed a "cabotage" law that will enable Iran Air to bring in a foreign airline for the first time.
"Based on the cabotage law which has also been approved by the (Islamic Consultative Assembly) parliament, foreign airline companies can run domestic flights in Iran's internal routes," Parvaresh told reporters on Sunday.