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the exclusive right of a country to control the air traffic within its borders

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navigation in coastal waters

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Also, it is a fact that because of the New Cabotage Compliance Strategy (NCCS), in the past six months we have had over 200 seafarers onboard different Cabotage vessels amongst other developmental initiatives," he added.
It is also a fact that because of the new cabotage compliance strategy, today and in the past six months, we have over 200 seafarers onboard different cabotage vessels.
As for amendments to the Cabotage Law or the Foreign Ships Co-Loading Act, Aquino said the changes will result in lower shipping costs for export as well as import shipments because foreign vessels can now carry imported cargoes to any Philippine port.
Under the cabotage law, domestic coastal shipping service can only be provided by domestic carriers.
The implementation of cabotage in 2013 has also reduced the number of vessels available for chartering.
The trading community was unable to make full advantage of India's first transshipment terminal commissioned by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh nearly two years ago as the cabotage policy reserved the coastal trade to Indian vessels, which incidentally have a carrying capacity of only 15,000 TEUs.
reasons adduced for having the cabotage regulations: national security
The European Shippers Council, which backs the liberalisation of haulage, sees the extension of cabotage rights as good for commerce and the environment by maximising use of rigs on the road.
Part IV compares the Jones Act with similar laws in countries that have experienced oil spills to evaluate the effect maritime cabotage laws (14) have had on oil spill cleanup efforts.
Cabotage is the transportation term for when a country allows a foreign firm to carry goods or passengers entirely on its domestic routes.
Based on the cabotage law which has also been approved by the (Islamic Consultative Assembly) parliament, foreign airline companies can run domestic flights in Iran's internal routes," Parvaresh told reporters on Sunday.
This has seen 326 fines handed out in Wales since last May, cabotage rights removed and HGVs seized for unauthorised use without a UK operating licence.
This arises because of the special legal status Alaska Natives enjoy with respect to a transport activity known as cabotage.
Cabotage should not be relaxed; this will ensure promotion of Indian Shipping Industry.
The EU yesterday confirmed the agreement on cabotage will be loosened for the first seven weeks of the year here, which is a crucial period in the sector.