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Synonyms for caboose

the area for food preparation on a ship

a car on a freight train for use of the train crew

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The festival is named for Newton's historic, stand-alone train depot affectionately known as the "Loose Caboose," which also serves as the city's Visitor Center and Chamber of Commerce.
In Loose Caboose, three or more Caboose symbols trigger free spins that have a special Gold Bonus symbol which doubles winnings.
The Little Red Caboose, 795 Peace Portal Drive, Blaine, had it license to sell beer/wine at a restaurant discontinued.
And this is the caboose," which, he explained, is the exclamation point at the end, the memorable phrase that pulls together the sentiment of the song.
Arborg and District Multicultural Heritage Village: $14,000 for restoration of the barn, Ukrainian houses, caboose, and foreman's car
The new outlet offers the same calm setting as the other two establishments (the original Tea Chai Te is located in a Victorian house on NW 23th Ave, and the second location is in a historic 1920 red caboose in SE Sellwood).
5m insulated containers and the other is a science caboose.
Our caboose will be bristling with scientific instruments for NASA and the European Space Agency.
Our caboose will be bristling with scientific instruments, for Nasa, for the European Space Agency," the Daily Mail quoted Fiennes, as saying.
The view from a caboose provides an alternative perspective to that provided by the pristine national park.
Nothing fancy mind you: just a small, simple oval or figure eight with a few cars attached to the locomotive and trailed by the caboose .
They had travelled in a caboose mounted on sleigh runners, for the 300-mile, 73-day journey.
He woke up suddenly to a scary sound--the caboose had detached from the train, and was headed towards an oncoming passenger train
We have officially become breeders this week, as Loose Caboose has scanned in foal to Byron.
Not long afterward we reached the end of the line at Perkinsville, where we had a 15-minute wait while the engine disconnected and reconnected itself to the caboose.