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any collection in its entirety

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All items are shipped by Caboodle Office Supplies within the UK with a next day delivery pledge.
This is not to promote diva or pageant behaviour among the kids because it can get there in a city like Dubai if we are not careful," says Hind Abdul Razak, the brain behind the Caboodle concept who belongs to an Emirati family that runs the Sisters Beauty Lounge chain of salons.
Maison Sucre also operates a counter in Caboodle Cafe on the second floor in Dubai Mall next to Galeries Lafayette.
According to MCN CTO Phyllis Reuther, "Applying the power of Caboodle Networks' semantic web innovations, the open source Jena architecture, and community supported OWL-encoded taxonomies to MCN's federated search and ad management platform further distinguishes MCN from legacy indexed search solutions and standalone mobile advertising vendors.
I'm not sure who owns what any more--maybe Bill Gates own the whole corporate kit and caboodle.
Leeds-based full service agency The Whole Caboodle was responsible for producing the new logo.
And he completed the whole kit and caboodle ( the colour scheme, the sponsorship ideas, the text, and even putting it onto the website.
The easiest way to find the set up you're looking for is to buy another MAS 49/56 with the whole kit and caboodle on it.
Caboodle Cartridge, a California-based company that refills ink jet and laser printer cartridges, has opened a new franchise outlet in Eugene at 1050 Green Acres Road, Suite 5.
Finally, "If we don't do something about our imperiled social security system, retirees could lose the whole kit and caboodle.
Under this alternative, the Court disappoints and confuses everyone and throws the whole kit and caboodle mess back to the state legislatures.
It was a dream to use the passage to transport and rehearse our summer tour: band, crew and family; kit and caboodle.
Not the turkeys themselves perhaps (though they are pretty damn good in their own right) but the whole caboodle.
Besides just being fun to say, the caboodle helps students b organize their makeup, hair accessories, and safety pins.
Caboodle Media is an existing tenant at the site and managing director Paul Morgan said he would welcome the council taking control.