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a highly polished gem that is cut convexly but without facets

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The hunt is now on for the 1889 Necessaire Egg, an example in heavily chased gold, set with diamonds, cabochon rubies, emeralds and sapphires.
03 TREAT yourself to a sparkler with a Cabochon silver ring with clear crystal, pounds 199, by Lalique.
lGeorge Duffield needs one more for 1,600 domestic winners following the short-head success of Witness Box (John Gosden) over Cabochon in the Northumberland Plate at Newcastle.
A Cabochon ring and earrings are marketed as "true classics.
Elizabeth Taylor's husband, Michael Wilding, gave her a cabochon sapphire engagement ring.
A diadem with a central band resembling a crown, bordered with rose cut diamonds and centred by a cognac diamond and three cabochon emeralds, sits on her head.
The collection consists of bracelets that are resplendent with diamonds, beautifully faceted Capri cut coloured stones such as amethyst or stunning rich colours of cabochon, chrysoprase and orange moonstones that are complemented by black sapphires or other precious stones in pave settings.
Precious stones including sapphires, rubies and emeralds were used only for decoration, and when used they were en cabochon (round cut).
He kept decent company on the best tracks on the Flat and, like half-brother Cabochon, has taken well to hurdles.
a one-carat Cabochon ruby barely worth the postage.
Design details include white Italian Carrera marble floors with insets of black cabochon and areas of solid walnut herringbone planks.
Cellulite treatment - 2 new technologies and the science behind them : Xiaflex (Auxillium) in phase 2 of development for the treatment of cellulite and cabochon, a device which received FDA clearance for short-term improvement in the appearance of cellulite in the buttocks and thighs of adult females that is slated to launch on a limited basis in the latter-half of 2014.
Bezel-set cabochon stones strategically placed on the male figure add colour and dimensionality to the dynamic, erotic ornament, which has been described by jewellery scholar Kelly L'Ecuyer as 'a battle of the sexes .
He had a miniature of his mother - an auburn-haired beauty with laughing green eyes - painted on ivory and framed in gold, a hat brooch with a cabochon ruby, a jewelled comb and two rings.
Marlene Stowe Atelier de Bijoux necklace with red cabochon tourmaline 937.