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Synonyms for cabman

someone who drives a taxi for a living

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asked the driver, with that manner of familiar interest that well became his port-wine face; and when John had told him no, 'Well, then,' said the cabman, 'if ye'll tak' my advice of it, we'll just gang back.
I suppose that there has been no answer from my cabman advertisement?
There a cabman signalled to them; they refused him.
I paid my cabman handsomely, gave a florin to the stout fellow in livery whom he helped with the chest, and could have pressed gold upon the genial clerk who laughed like a gentleman at my jokes about the Liverpool winners and the latest betting on the Family Plate.
There's the corner at the crossroads, where the cabman, Zakhar, has his stand, and there's Zakhar himself and still the same horse
She leant out of the window and told the cabman to drive faster.
The cabman had descended, and the passengers within were handing out the articles which they desired him to carry up to the house.
So vivid and mordant was the impression that I can live over again that slow descent of the station hill, the passing by the nurse-girl with the two babes, the sight of the old horse on his knees between the shafts, the cabman twisted across his seat, and the young man inside with his hand upon the open door in the very act of springing out.
With no small difficulty my cabman found the right place, away out toward the ocean beach, in a sparsely populated suburb.
Strictly methodical in all his habits, Benjamin had telegraphed to his housekeeper, from Edinburgh, to have supper ready or us by ten o'clock, and to send the cabman whom he always employed to meet us at the station.
He ordered the cabman to drive on, and went away swearing horribly.
He only stuck his head and shoulders out of the window crying to the cabman.
At Thirty-fourth Street young Richard quickly thrust up the trap and ordered the cabman to stop.
At the corner he met a night cabman driving hurriedly.
This last disclaimer had reference to Miss Twinkleton's distractedly pressing two-and-sixpence on her, instead of the cabman.