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a conveyance that transports passengers or freight in carriers suspended from cables and supported by a series of towers

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NCC AB (STO:NCCB) announced on Tuesday that it has been commissioned by the city of Gothenburg's Traffic Administration Office to participate in a feasibility study and to calculate a target price for a 3,000 metre cableway between Jarntorget and Wieselgrensplatsen in central Gothenburg, with two intermediate stations at Lindholmen and Vastra Ramberget.
Christine Wilson said: "We are focusing on providing more challenging equipment for older children to supplement our existing playground and I'm hoping that I will get a shot on the cableway as soon as it is installed."
The lifetime of the cableway is 40 years, which is the time planned for standard exploitation, with the control and inspection supervision required to be done each year.
On Saturday, July 5th at 8 a.m., hiking teams will gather in Bannalp Chruetzhuette, to trek across the beautiful Swiss backcountry, the Walenpfad/Walen Trail, or the "Swiss Cableway Trail," as it's known, towards the finish destination of Engelberg.
The construction of the cableway was managed by Rixen Cableways' technician Simon Herrmann.
The European Bank also expressed desire to participate in construction of a cableway in Chiatura.
Reaching the top of the mountain can be achieved either by walking or by taking the Table Mountain Cableway.
An 80ft steel mast was demolished and an overhead cableway wrecked.
This project, received through Teleste's local services company Cableway, includes the building of a broadband communication network excluding house networks in Mettmann, Germany.
Jungfraubahn Holding owns currently 68.3% in the garage operator, while the Lauterbrunnen Municipality controls 23.4% and Wengen-Maennlichen Aerial Cableway has the remainder.
Key words: forestry cableway, winding drums control, hydrostatic drives
(ADPnews) - Sep 29, 2010 - The European Commission said today it had concluded that financial support of CZK 250 million (USD 14m/EUR 10m) for the reconstruction of a cableway on Mount Snezka, a mountain located on the Czech-Polish border, does not constitute state aid in the sense of EU rules.