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a telegram sent abroad

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(3) Bruce to Curtin, Cablegram 72a, London, 11-6-1945; Commonwealth Government to Cranborne, Cablegrams 158 and 159, Canberra, 16-6-1945, in Hudson and May 1989:209-10, 215-6.
One of today's cablegrams gives the chief landing-places of the Allies as Cape Helles, on the extremity of the peninsula, with the fort of Seddul-Bahr just to the east of it; Kum Kaleh, on the Asiatic cape opposite; Cape Suvla, twenty miles northward of Cape Helles; and the coast of the Gulf of Saros, near Ghennikos, north-west of Gallipoli, the town.
These are visited from week to week by members of the N.W.C.A., cablegrams reporting their condition are sent to St.
GREAT WAR The most that could be told to them was whether the given name appeared on a rough list which the company have been able to compile from the cablegrams received from the agents.
The de la Mare file is stuffed with letters (handwritten and typed) and Western Union Cablegrams such as the following in which he acknowledged a personal relationship with Moore by sending Christmas greetings to her and, of course, also to Nicholas:
Personal cablegrams from an operating station in Cebu often made it through to individual soldiers and airmen.
The Ashanti Sentinel reported on 27 November 'a stream of cablegrams and letters to the Prime Minister from all over West Africa and also some international figures in Europe and the USA, expressing willingness to be present'.
In the meantime, thousands of letters, cards, cablegrams, and radiograms were pouring into the hospital for this little girl.
He was asked to try to make his own way back but due to a delay with cablegrams, he was not able to reply and was replaced.
(240.) See 3 THE INTIMATE PAPERS OF COLONEL HOUSE 424-36, 441-45 (Charles Seymour ed., 1928) (containing a series of cablegrams and letters showing the transition to a unified Allied command).
The Presidents of the Cuban fencing and shooting federations sent angry cablegrams to their respective international federations.