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a telegram sent abroad

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On Saturday, 11 July, Dreyse, the Reichsbank vice president, informed Harrison by cablegram that "the fear of complete cessation of credit expansion on the part of the Reichsbank" risked "the imminent collapse of essential parts of the economic structure.
Cablegram Moret to Harrison, 12 July 1931, Harrison Papers.
Cablegram Harrison to Luther, 10 July 1931, Harrison Papers.
He was asked to try to make his own way back but due to a delay with cablegrams, he was not able to reply and was replaced.
In the meantime, thousands of letters, cards, cablegrams, and radiograms were pouring into the hospital for this little girl.
The Presidents of the Cuban fencing and shooting federations sent angry cablegrams to their respective international federations.
Both Cablegrams are appended to a letter sent to Brundage from Moenck.
Likewise, Fuller plans with her husband for the sending of cablegrams before he even departs (Fuller 25) and comes to rely upon them to make France seem "not so far away" (41).
It includes, but is not limited to, originals and copies of agreements, memoranda, notes, studies, reports, summaries, schedules, workpapers, analyses, projections, surveys, appraisals, listings, letters and other correspondence, charts, books, graphs, printed matter, audio or video tapes, outlines of oral presentations, notes of telephone or other conversations, diaries and appointment calendars, telegrams, cablegrams, facsimiles or other written notes or communications, and all financial records, checks, drafts, instruments, checkbook stubs and records, and any other writing or document.
A month later, he lay in Boulogne severely wounded: "By this time, you will have received reassuring cablegrams and field postcards and possibly letters from friends of mine," he wrote his parents from his hospital bed.
I therefore offered to attend to the matter, subject to certain conditions: that it was left entirely in my charge, and that he should only, in his capacity as Prime Minister, sign the letters and cablegrams instructing the Agent General as they were submitted to him, without insisting on explanations as to the why and wherefore of the phraseology used.
Council member Gary Teblum explained that current state law allows electronic voting, but describes it as using cablegrams or telegrams.
On November 27, the Americans sent cablegrams and letters to their families in the United States.
The documents cited are extracts from letters, cablegrams, dispatches and memoranda of discussions.