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a telegram sent abroad

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1) Commonwealth Government to Addison, Cablegram 256, Canberra, 28-8-1945; Addison to Commonwealth Government, Cablegram 344, London, 30-8-1945; Commonwealth Government to Addison, Cablegram 269, Canberra, 3-9-1945, in Hudson and May 1989:374-80, 391-3.
Press Association--Wellington, April 28: The following cablegram has been received by his Excellency the Governor from the Right Hon.
Personal cablegrams from an operating station in Cebu often made it through to individual soldiers and airmen.
The Ashanti Sentinel reported on 27 November 'a stream of cablegrams and letters to the Prime Minister from all over West Africa and also some international figures in Europe and the USA, expressing willingness to be present'.
In the meantime, thousands of letters, cards, cablegrams, and radiograms were pouring into the hospital for this little girl.
He was asked to try to make his own way back but due to a delay with cablegrams, he was not able to reply and was replaced.
1928) (containing a series of cablegrams and letters showing the transition to a unified Allied command).
The Presidents of the Cuban fencing and shooting federations sent angry cablegrams to their respective international federations.
tit 8 [section] 212 (c)(2) (2005) (providing that "[i]f is determined that such telegrams, cablegrams or other electronic transmissions are valid, the inspectors or, if the are no inspectors, such other persons making that determination shall specify the information upon which they relied.
Likewise, Fuller plans with her husband for the sending of cablegrams before he even departs (Fuller 25) and comes to rely upon them to make France seem "not so far away" (41).
It includes, but is not limited to, originals and copies of agreements, memoranda, notes, studies, reports, summaries, schedules, workpapers, analyses, projections, surveys, appraisals, listings, letters and other correspondence, charts, books, graphs, printed matter, audio or video tapes, outlines of oral presentations, notes of telephone or other conversations, diaries and appointment calendars, telegrams, cablegrams, facsimiles or other written notes or communications, and all financial records, checks, drafts, instruments, checkbook stubs and records, and any other writing or document.
Through the auspices of Sir Cecil Spring-Rice, British Ambassador at Washington, she was provided with a special British passport, and "letters or cablegrams to most of his Majesty's ambassadors and colonial governors from Tokio to Bombay" (3).