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a telegram sent abroad

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Strunk's ultimate response to Hanson-Dyer was negative: "As I am explaining in this cablegram, it will not be possible for us to send you the manuscript itself, even by diplomatic mail.
(1) Commonwealth Government to Addison, Cablegram 256, Canberra, 28-8-1945; Addison to Commonwealth Government, Cablegram 344, London, 30-8-1945; Commonwealth Government to Addison, Cablegram 269, Canberra, 3-9-1945, in Hudson and May 1989:374-80, 391-3.
Press Association--Wellington, April 28: The following cablegram has been received by his Excellency the Governor from the Right Hon.
One recalls that there was on the blockade of Havana and Santiago and the Siboney chaparral a correspondent who was brilliant, one who was caddish, one who saw the battle of Santiago and wrote the earliest description and one who was sun struck in a land battle and whose account had to written from lips by a comrade who signed and got credit for it, while the sun-smitten man received a harsh cablegram from his office for a supposed dereliction that had been genuinely heroic devotion to duty.
In the meantime, Consul Maddin Summers, on 16 April 1918, had informed the United States Secretary of State Robert Lansing (1864-1928) by cablegram, through the United States Consul at Vladivostok, about the arrest of Woldemar Bary and sought instructions: "Demand that Bary be allowed counsel and that members of the consular staff be present at trial ...
He contacted the president of the Security Council and proposed that he would send a cablegram to his representative (Bunche), empowering him to assume full authority of the Palestine mission until further notice.
On behalf of the Association, a strong plea was lodged by cablegram and letter against the proposed closing of the Classics Department at Bedford College, University of London.
I was 19 when I received my first cablegram sent from Japan by my brand-new husband.
(125.) Cablegram Dated 29 June 1950 From the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics to the Secretary-General Concerning the Security Council Resolution of 27 June 1950 (S/1511), U.N.