cable system

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a television system that transmits over cables

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The consumer analysis examines the economic viability of various VOD pricing and programming combinations based on their programming costs, not taking into account the operating costs of a real world cable system.
Suburban Cable and South Jersey Cablevision are subsidiaries of the Pottstown-based Lenfest Group, a multiple cable system operator.
Commercial broadcast stations that choose retransmission consent can require compensation from cable companies in exchange for granting the cable company permission to carry the station on its cable system.
the 9,850-kilometer (6,117-mile) TPC-4 fiber optic cable represents the first transpacific cable system to connect the United States mainland and Canada with Japan.
As in the midst of a scorching heat wave, and part of its commitment to ensure economical, safe and reliable electricity to its customers, the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) held a groundbreaking Ceremony earlier this month in Holbrook to announce the construction phase of the world's largest and highest-voltage superconductor electric transmission cable system.
Horlick, president and general manager of WRC-TV, which is owned by NBC, said, "The agreement recognizes the substantial value of the WRC-TV broadcast signal to the Media General cable systems.
The Papua Cable System is scheduled for conclusion by the end of next year.
Alcatel-Lucent to Upgrade EASSy Submarine Cable System II-50
The Bharat Lanka Cable System will boast 320 km of submarine cable and transmission systems, signifying one of the longest ultra-long haul non-repeated DWDM optical submarine cable systems based on NEC's advanced and reliable technologies.
One cable system involved in past Dodgers/Fox disputes, Century, was eventually purchased by Adelphia, which is now a major sponsor of the Dodgers.
By shifting much of the burden from the local cable system headend to the CMC's national digital media facility, cable systems, especially those serving smaller markets, can launch and maintain a competitive array of high-quality digital video services at a fraction of the cost for headend-based solutions.
MANILA, Philippines, July 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Southeast Asia-Japan Cable (SJC) submarine cable system is now fully operational, strengthening Globe Telecom's connectivity with the region and the rest of the world.
Other backers include Citicorp and the computer chip and cellular phone maker Motorola, as well as cable system operators and major advertising agencies.
on Monday secured a spot for its new Fox 24-hour news channel on the nation's largest cable system, a move that will bring the network to 10 million subscribers when it's launched this fall.
fiber-optic cable system -- a US$258 million undersea cable spanning