cable system

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a television system that transmits over cables

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Speaking on the new cable system, Syed Rukhsar Ul Hassan Bokhari, Chairman of wi-tribe Pakistan LDI (private) Ltd and HB International Investments, added: "We are trailblazing new paths towards digital innovation and the construction of the submarine cable system, Orient Express is testament to our efforts in being a telecom pioneer."
Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, has made a significant step in advancing cable technology to enable more efficient, reliable and eco-friendly power transmission over long distances.
PEACE is a privately owned cable system connecting three of the largest and most populous continents in the world - Asia, Africa and Europe.
Customers often have stringent service level agreements to ensure that the cable system is effectively maintained, post-installation, with tough service credits to match.
The PEACE cable system, with landings in Pakistan, Djibouti, Egypt, Kenya and France, will provide critical interconnectivity to the economic corridors of Asia, Europe, and Africa.
This cable system is connected to Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture, and Hioki City, Kagoshima Prefecture, with a total length of approximately 760 km and a maximum depth of approximately 1,200 m.
Connecting South Africa through the eastern coast of Africa and from Pakistan through the Middle East all the way to Europe, the Africa-1 submarine cable system -- spanning more than 20,000 kilometres -- will be one of the largest in the region.
Speaking of its appointment, Sanjay Chowbey, president of TE SubCom said: 'We are proud to be working with Google on this important cable system and to be helping to increase internet performance for all.'
He said PLDT invested an initial $10 million in the 25,000-kilometer international cable system through a partner in the consortium that owns the fiber optic submarine cable system.
Global Cloud Xchange (GCX), a subsidiary of Reliance Communications Limited (RCOM), and Cyprus' telecommunications provider PrimeTel has announced further enhancement of their partnership with a 100Gbps upgrade to GCX's HAWK subsea cable system branch into Cyprus, the company said.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-May 10, 2018-GCX, PrimeTel make 100Gbps upgrade to subsea cable system
MPCCW Global, an HKT Telecom group, is setting up strategic partnership for Pakistan to bring a new cable system called Peace Cable with Huawei Marine.
The first phase of the PEACE cable system spanning 6,200 kilometers in length will link Pakistan (Gwadar and Karachi), Djibouti, Somalia, and Kenya.