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a railway up the side of a mountain pulled by a moving cable and having counterbalancing ascending and descending cars

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The descent on the steepest cable railway in Britain takes you back 160 years, and projections on the cavern walls allow us to meet the mine's owner and founder John Whitehead Greaves, and some of the men and boys who worked underground in the darkness.
Bergen was our final port of call in Norway, famous for its Floibanen Funicular - a cable railway that takes you up Mount Floyen for spectacular views of the delightful town, fjords and mountains.
The Metro Alpin, Europe's highest cable railway, goes all the way to Mittelallalin and the highest revolving restaurant in the world at 11,500ft.
Built in 1974 and modernised six years ago to carry 1,500 passengers to the summit every hour, the cable railway was believed to be the first of its kind to burrow through a mountainside.
100 YEARS AGO: W A Colley, a conductor on the cable railway, who fell from his car on Friday night and sustained a fracture of the skull and other injuries, died yesterday in the General Hospital.
Tenders are invited for Cable Railway Signalling,1.
Visitors will be able to take a tour of Llechwedd Slate Cavern in Blaenau Ffestiniog following a journey along the steepest cable railway in Britain.
Visitors will journey 500 ft down into the belly of the mountain in Blaenau Ffestiniog along the steepest cable railway in Britain.
As far as the capital investments are concerned, the expenditure for which has been cut by 18 percent, the double-deckers for Skopje's public transport, the cable railway at Mt.
It should be remembered that this cable railway is one of only three surviving examples of its kind in the world, and is therefore of interest to engineers, urban planners and social historians, as well as those in the field of transportation.
As visitors travel into the belly of the mountain, on the steepest cable railway in Britain, they will experience some of the sounds which have defined the last century and a half.
North Wales has a rich and vibrant history, and nowhere is that more apparent than at Llechwedd Slate Caverns, where visitors can take a trip back in time 170 years and 500ft below ground to see how Europe's steepest mining cable railway operates.
Descend down Europe's steepest mining cable railway into the total darkness that was the grim and dusty workplace of thousands of men and boys.
Guests have to descend 150 metres on Europe's steepest mining cable railway into the depths of the former industrial hothouse.