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a nautical unit of depth

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ClipperCreek, a company involved in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment, has upgraded the power and cable length for its LCS-20 series of electric vehicle charging stations.
The diameter of the coil structure is optional, and many of cable parameters can be custom designed, such as the cable outer diameter and the whole cable length, cable jackets, fiber connectors polishing types.
For larger complexes, with more servers and more I/O, the capability to extend cable length to 15 meters is essential.
Designed to support next-generation flat panel displays and projectors that feature "Deep Color" HDMI inputs, these cables provide flawless support for 1080p/12-Bit "deep color" resolution at cable lengths up to 40 meters (131 ft.
It doubles the possible SATA cable length to six feet.
A cable stop is also available to prevent roller and connector damage and permit the adjustment of free cable length.
The software suite provides users with the ability to quickly measure and monitor more than two dozen physical layer and cable parameters such as cable length, cable quality, and bit-error-rate.
The seals' cable length can be customized; standard cable length for the Quick Loc Seal is 14 inches, while the length for the Quick Loc Seal plus is 18 inches.
The PCIe External Cabling specification provides guidelines for a practical cable length, but does not currently set a maximum cable distance.
The Dynatel Cable Length Meter, model TDR 940CLM, allows technicians to find cuts or shorts in two-conductor cables up to a distance of 2,500 feet.
With the ability to quickly measure and monitor more than two dozen cable parameters such as cable length, cable quality, and bit-error-rate, network equipment enabled with VeriPHY benefit by being able to quickly pinpoint potential problems in the cable plant.
Models HT40 and HT400 feature a maximum cable length of 200 meters (660 feet) with an optional Gore special camera cable.
For greater accuracy, it uses the cable length that is stored in the database rather than the length of its graphic representation on the map.
This crosstalk adds line noise and can cause signal errors, a pitfall historically remedied by slowing the signal rate, limiting the cable length or both.