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a passage (a pipe or tunnel) through which water or electric wires can pass

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successfully completed the challenging Mosquito Pass Cable Conduit Installation Project for the Orcas Power 8c Light Cooperative (OPELCO).
As a result, flame-proof certification does not require the installation of barriers or safe area power supplies, although there is a requirement to install suitable pressure-resistant equipment, such as cable conduits.
Only two of the devices planted in cable conduits have ignited.
OBS 500 Series is used for furniture edging, cable conduits, and billboards.
The Rooftop Pipe Support from CADDY is a cost-effective alternative to wood blocks, straps, clips and other labor-intensive methods for supporting pipes and cable conduits on roofs.
Full height cable conduits are built into the steel frame.
But the fact that Justice Street Elementary School in West Hills is an older campus did not intimidate the more than 15 volunteers, who turned out to help assemble computer cable conduits and lay wires.
China and other emerging countries are expanding their infrastructure which results in pipes and cable conduits made from HDPE becoming more important.
Piercing tools are used for installation of water and gas services; electrical, fiber optic, telecommunications and cable conduits, and pipe for underground irrigation systems.
In September, the companies reached a previous agreement on sharing pole space and cable conduits the earlier agreement is also under review by the PUC.