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a passage (a pipe or tunnel) through which water or electric wires can pass

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The Mosquito Pass Cable Conduit Installation Project required a horizontal directional drill (HDD) installation of approximately 2,000 linear feet of 8-inch HDPE SDR 7 Pipe with the majority of the work in solid rock formations from San Juan Island, under Mosquito Pass, to Henry Island.
based JTP serves the rapidly growing telecommunications and data communications industries with a number of products, including: cable conduit, power conditioning systems, custom cable assemblies, and electronic connectors and components.
All external surfaces--including the casing, mounting feet and flanges, cable conduit box and drive shaft--are constructed from stainless steel, making them virtually impervious to corrosion.
A low-smoke, zero-halogen polyolefin compound originally introduced for wire insulation has been reformulated for use in semi-flexible cable conduit.
18 pieces of prefabricated reinforced concrete shafts dn 1 000 4 plastic shafts (pp) dn 600 cable conduit installation: approximately 30 m cable pull tube od 63 pe-hd.
cable ducts with cable entry plates, - delivery and installation 1 400 m cable conduit da 160, - delivery and installation 380 m cable conduit da 110, - delivery and installation 160 m buried high-temperature pipe da 250 mm, - delivery and installation of 250 m buried high-temperature pipe da 125 mm, - delivery and installation 40 m buried pe-hd cable da 200 mm, - delivery and installation 70 m buried pe-hd cable da 110 mm, - delivery and installation 170 m buried pe-hd cable da 160 mm, - delivery and installation 57 m buried pe-hd cable da 400 mm.
8 mm for drinking water, - 18 m kml pipe dn 100-150 kitchen waste water, - 5 m tml pipe dn 150 dirty water, - 25 m pvc pipe dn100 ventilation pipe, - 15 m pe-hd pressure pipeline dn50 waste water, - 15 m cable conduit pe-hd 125 mm, - 41 m vitrified clay pipe dn100-200 waste water pipe, - 25 m kg 2000 pipe (pp sn8) dn200 rainwater, - 2 st.